Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Blues

Am feeling distinctly fed up this morning.  Yesterday spent a lot of time making four huge fruit crumbles, baked them, made loads of fruit coulis to go with them, plus a lot of toffee sauce for the Sticky Toffee Puddings, re-heated, cooked and packed the lot - being asked to make enough for 70 people there WAS a lot - then when B came home he said about only 50 people turned up so he brought back some S.T.Pud, and one uneaten tray of crumble, there is another tray that might be crumble (haven't yet checked).  Why do I bother???  

This is always the problem with the club,  they tell the members there will be a 'do', collect numbers of people who say they will come (but not all pay), then those that don't pay usually don't turn up.  Although I get paid for the ingredients used, I usually knock of money for the 'returns' as it saves me making them again (B will work his way through them, and what's left over has been chilled and will freeze - if I can find the room!  It's just all the extra work that goes into making sure there is enough when I know darn well there won't be as many people turn up as expected (there never is).  

Anyway, that's my moan.  I was intending to take the day off and have a bit of a sulk, and also have a pile of washing up left over from yesterday.  B is going out in about an hour, once he has read the paper, so it'll be me with my hands in the sink (again!).  Not that I mind as I quite enjoy having my hands in hot water on a cold day (keeps my skin soft).   I will be able to listen to the Archer's omnibus as I write. 
At one time I always listened to the Archer's, but when we moved here stopped listening (because I had no radio), but am now able to catch up with the 'family' news.  Not quite sure who everyone is now, but am getting there.

Two comments sent in, so thanks to both Joy and Lizzie.  Regarding the latter's query,  am glad that early posting are proving interesting.  The American-style fridge freezer does hold enough for the two of us, but have had to buy a second chest freezer (four drawers) to hold my bulk purchases of meat/fish etc.  mainly because am still doing my 'catering' for other people (mainly B's sailing club) and need a lot of space to store things-that-can-be-made-in-advance-and frozen.   Or is it just that I'm a bit of a 'hoarder'?

With the gluts of fresh fruit this year, one drawer in the chest freezer (and the drawers are large) is full of boxes of berries (strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, rhubarb, prepared apples,  blueberries....).   Every time B sees a gap he goes out and buys himself a tub of ice-cream even though I plead with him "if I've left space in the freezer, please don't fill it".  There is a tub of ice-cream in there now which is taking needed space.  Think I'll have to thaw out some packs of frozen meat to give me room to put the returned party desserts, thaw out the meat in the fridge (this can take 2 - 3 days as they are deeply frozen) then cook the meat overnight in the slow-cooker, maybe in several batches.  By then will have been able to get B to eat some earlier 'ready-mades' (thawed and reheated) to make room for the cooked meat.  It's all go.

Was hoping to give some ideas for sweets today (by this I mean confectionary not desserts), and if any shopping is to be done over the next few days, suggest buying some bars of chocolate (for melting/covering), some marzipan (or icing sugar and ground almonds),  no-soak dried apricots, peppermint essence if possible.  Maybe a small bag of ready-made fudge.   Then tomorrow will give suggestions of how some of it can be turned into sweets but at the same time leaving most of what has been bought to be eaten as-is or used in another form. 

Forgive me for writing what is a short blog (compared to my usual length), really need to go and tidy up the kitchen and sort out supper etc, then sit down and relax for a bit.  Just chatting to you has cheered me up (thanks for being there and listening).  Back again tomorrow, usual time.  TTFN.