Monday, May 20, 2013

At the Present Time...

Just time for a quick chat today.  Cannot believe how I can get myself in more of a mess every time I have a tidy up.  Yesterday thought I'd rearrange the kitchen to make it easier for myself when cooking and of course it is now in worse as state than it was before.  So today I really have to get a move on and sort it all out.  Tomorrow the Tesco delivery comes, and from then on it will be sleeves rolled up and tunnel vision (Indian Feast). 

At least yesterday managed to sort out all the empty glass jars I always save (in case they are needed for storing something).  I've had to order new jars for the marmalade sold at the club (EU rules!), so have no need for so many 'old' jars (but who would know the difference once washed and sterilised?).  Have saved about 20 for my own preserves, and have about 20 tiny ones that will be useful to fill with the last bit of preserves that is not enough to fill even an 8oz jar.  These I'll give away as gifts (a selection of several different preserves, not just one jar).

Yesterday also tested crushing meringues and folding them into whipped cream.  After five hours B said the meringue was still 'a bit crunchy but softish', so if I wished to serve Eton Mess or similar, best not to assemble too early, three hours ahead should be OK.  Mind you, I've changed my mind (again) as to the desserts I'll be making and probably settle for Tropical Fruit Cheesecake as this was much enjoyed last time I made it (for the club), and - as it can be made a day ahead and kept chilled - less to do on the day.  

Maybe will not bother with macaroons, but make some fudge and also coconut creams as these are 'sort of' Indian sweets.  As ever, I won't make up my mind until later, and hopefully not too late to make them anyway.

Thanks for your comments.  Your Foodbank, Janet, sounds really good.  I'm so pleased that you are able to provide fresh fruit and veg, and also eggs, cheese and butter.  The 'national' Foodbank allocations (working on the Morecambe one), doesn't provide enough variation to make much more than heating up what is in the cans.  With eggs and cheese, SO much more can be done, and do hope that you will be holding more cookery demonstrations for even when people do have their benefits and can buy their food, they still may not know how to shop and cook economically, and every little bit of knowledge helps. 

Lucky you for getting those duck breasts for less than half price Eileen.  I have yet to step over the threshold of the Morecambe Sainsbury's although did go to that store once or twice when we lived in Leeds.  
See in the news that Morrison's are now joining with Ocado to provide on-line ordering and deliveries.  Do know that Ocado don't deliver in the Morecambe area, but as there is a Morrison's here, let us hope they will.  Mind you, I do enjoy a 'personal shop' in the store (as long as their scooter is available), so perhaps will leave things as they are.  Tesco are (at the moment) pretty good with their offers/reductions and extra points.

Looks like being a fairly 'good weather' day today, the sun is shining, I see the lilac is almost in bloom and the apple tree is covered in blossom.  Since we moved here we've had only a bit of blossom and not a lot of fruit on the apple tree, so let's hope we don't get any frost and this year will give us a bumper crop. 

Forgive me if I depart so soon - there is so much I really need to do today, and have to get myself into 'role-play' mode to get it done.  In a couple of minutes I'll be donning my 'cleaning lady' bonnet, followed by my 'time and motion' cap, and - with any luck - by the end of the morning may be wearing my 'chef's hat'.   Role-playing makes anything a lot more fun .  Sometimes I play so hard I'm hardly ever 'me'. 

No time to give a recipe today (hangs head in shame), hopefully will do tomorrow.  Please keep comments coming as they do bring light into my mostly very dull life, and do hope you will understand that this week my thoughts are more on what I have to do than what interesting things I should be writing on this blog.  Do hope you will keep logging on until I get back to my normal self (which won't be until after the coming weekend).  I'll be back tomorrow, even if only for a short 'chat', so hope to see you then.