Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy Day...

Having just returned from seeing the doctor (re my allergy), have just time to blog a few words before out again to the shops.  Back in time for Norma, followed by me icing the cake I made yesterday.  Considering the cake will be displayed amongst many others, am very pleased to say that - so far - one of the best I've baked, in that it has turned out well.  How it will taste is another matter.

Pleased to report that the doctor (now) agrees with me - it is almost certainly the cocktail of pills I take (one in particular) that is causing the allergic reaction.  So he's removed that one from the prescription to see if it makes any difference.  The alternative is to stop taking all the pills, then, after a month, replace them one at a time.  Apparently it wouldn't harm me if I stopped taking them, so begs the question why do I have to take them anyway?  
It was because I'd had photos taken of a recent bad attack that showed the doctor how bad it really could get (and getting worse over the months).  He couldn't believe how bad the swelling could be, in one photo my lips - especially the top one - so swollen I looked more like a grouper (fish) than a human being.

Yesterday, also wrote out the list of rationed foods during the last war, and earlier this morning weighed out the allocation for 'one person, per week', all fitting on a small tray and such a small amount to be laughable.  Obviously other foods not on ration, but all others would be in very short supply, people could queue up all day, going from fishmonger to greengrocer to get at least something,  The tinned and packet foods were on 'points', each person allowed 24 points a month, but as some of the most wanted (not necessarily 'needed') foods - such as canned fruit, canned salmon....had a high point value, these were rarely bought. Other 'necessities' such as breakfast cereals, flour, dried fruit, baked beans.... were more important. 
Later this morning B will be going off with our daughter to give a talk to 10 years old pupils about food rationing and other restrictions during the last war.

As we still have (and still use) a white sheet that has the utility mark label stitched to it (that makes it over 70 years old!!!) decided to give that to B as well to show the children.  Would you believe it, every white sheet I found did not have the mark.  So instead decided to tidy up the piles of laundry that never seem to have a shelf/drawer to hold them, and - of course - at the bottom of the very last basket found the utility sheet.  Was not surprised as it is often my 'house spirit's' way to get me to do some tidying up that needs to be done, meanwhile hiding what I really was looking for until the work was almost completed.

Two comments to reply to.  One from Senka who has a web site re 'interesting dishes', details will be on her comment.
Second comment from Pam re wedding cakes.  Yes, I've noticed that there are also 'Groom's cakes', usually in the style of a car or some sporting event the groom is interested in.  My cousin who lives in California set up a celebratory cake business some years ago, initially working from home, but now has new premises and staff.  It does seem as though all cakes (esp cup cakes and celebratory cakes) are very important to the American way of life.   Same thing could be happening here as the 'Great British Bake Off' and similar progs seem to be encouraging a massive increase in home-baking.

Cannot believe it is already Friday, and next week looks to be another busy one for me.  Still will find time to 'blog', but what about remains to be seen.  Hope you'll find time to join me tomorrow, if so - see you then.