Friday, May 03, 2013

Life in the Slow Lane

How different life seems to be the older we get.  Time moves faster as we move slower.   The days seemed endless when I was at school, and in teenage years and young adult to middle age it did seem we could do so much each day.  We were always 'busy'.  Relaxation was something to enjoy, not be just part of life.   Today I seem to be sitting down a great deal, and not doing very much at all.  I admit TV is to blame for this, and also computers, and it's not just old folk who spend timing watching screens.  In the paper yesterday there was a list of "50 things to do before you reach the age of 11 and 3/4trs.   Many of which would now be on the list of 'banned' by 'elf and safety.  How sad is that? 
The concern is that children now are far more likely to stay indoors playing computer games, and by doing so end up unhealthy.  They lack fresh air and Vit.D (from sunshine), and become obese because they get little exercise, and keep nibbling junk food while they watch the screen.

At least yesterday the sun was still shining and it was warm (16C), and with hardly any breeze was able to go and sit for another half hour in the sun.  In the old days I wouldn't have been sitting, I'd have been hanging loads of washing on the line to dry in the sun (we didn't have a washing machine then), or doing the gardening, or taking the children out for a walk.  Doing something.  Now all I do is sit and remember how things used to be.

Began my blog later this morning because I'd got up early then went in to watch the news and then the phone rang for B, so I had to wait until he had finished before I could begin.  Not that I've much to say as yesterday was just a 'sorting-out' day.  At least have some comments to reply to.

Remember in wartime Pam that the Americans sent over a lot of vegetable seeds for us to grow during out 'Dig for Victory' years.  Very few were suitable because they were of a type that would grow in the US climate, but not in ours.   So perhaps, if you are choosing vegetables that would grow well in Britain (radishes etc), they won't grow well in Texas as the climate is probably too dry, and you perhaps have different insects that find the veggies very appealing to eat.
Many vegetables don't need a lot of sun, so if you have a shady spot (north facing), you might find things grow better there.  Mediterranean herbs do like hot dry soil, so you could perhaps concentrate on growing these? 

Will certainly bring you up to date with Corrie and E.Enders, and if you can let me know 'what happened to ????' then it would help as so many characters have left, but some still remain, many originally youngsters, now grown up and married (esp in Corrie).  Who was landlord of the Rover's Return when you left? 
Do you remember Fiz and Tyrone?  A lot has happened to them, but now Fiz and Tyrone are living together, they both have a child from different partners.  Gail has been married at least four times, her last 'beau' being her mother's ex boyfriend.  Gail caused the split, so the 'ex' got his revenge by taking all Gail's money.  
Gail's eldest son Nick, now owns the 'Bistro', a wine and dining place at the other end of the street from the Rovers.  David Platt, youngest son is married with a child on the way, but the child might be Nick's!!   Nick is now married to Leanne Battesby (who he was once married to many years ago, but they got divorced, then Leanne married Peter Barlow, but he was an alcoholic and so they got divorced, and she got custody of Peter Barlow's son, who's mother had died).  Peter Barlow runs the betting shop in an adjacent street and is now living with Carla who owns the knicker factory (she also a reformed alcoholic).
Steve Macdonald is still in the series and runs the taxi firm, having sold the Rovers, the pub now run by Stella (who was originally in Eastenders as one of Ian Beale's wives), but the Rovers has recently been burnt down (deliberately), another on-going story line with other characters new to the series.

It was interesting to hear about how you cover the rope with fabric Sairy, and my first thought was that it would be too thick for a sewing machine to stitch, but wonderful when it can be.  Don't know if you've ever tried making rag-rugs, but T.shirt material is perfect for these.  I've made seat cushions using the rag-rug method, but so far not made a complete rug.  One day I hope to.

A welcome to Moira, and thanks for giving the tip about about knotting flat sheets at corners to turn them into fitted sheets.   Don't know whether the mattresses today are deeper than they used to be, but our fairly old fitted sheets are not large enough to tuck underneath the sides/bottom of the new mattresses bought when we moved here, the sheets just manage to grip at the corners and not much else, so as we turn in bed, the covers then tend to slip back up and each morning all rucked up.

Silly me edited in the above replies to comments before finishing with the 'saga of the soaps' (in reply to Pam so here is the rest). Alfie Moon is landlord of the Queen Vic in E.Enders, but now living with Roxy (do you remember Roxy and her sister Ronnie?).  Kat Slater now has a stall in the market with Bianca (who returned after a few years in jail), 'Rickeeeee' now has left the series. 
Ian Beale is still there, but after a breakdown signed everything over to his daughter Lucy who now serves in the 'caff'.  Billy Mitchell still there, living with his granddaughter Lola who had a baby (father was Phil Mitchell's teenage son, now doing time in prison for murdering Heather Trott), but due to a few problems Lola had, Phil Mitchell has now custody of the baby.  Sharon was jilted at the altar by Jack Branning (Max's brother), and has now shacked up with Phil (who I think she was once married to).  Max Branning was married to Tanya, they got divorced, then later got together again, and on the day of their re-marriage an ex-wife of Max's turned up, and - after a long story - they got together again, but Max has now left her, so that story-line is a bit up in the air.

Max and Tanya had two daughters, the eldest Lauren is continually getting drunk and getting into one mess and another, the other is engaged to Jay who you may remember as a young lad, his father was killed (Billy Mitchell was hiding in a room when it happened), Phil took Jay under his wing after that and Jay now works at Phil's garage.
Pat Butcher (was that her last surname, she seems to have been married to half the men in Albert Square and related to just about everyone because of this), she recently died in the series.

This coming weekend being extended due to Bank Holiday Monday, am not quite sure what is happening.  It could be I'll be taking a couple of days off, but will let you know if or when this will happen.  Today is also busy, so hope you will forgive this shorter than usual blog.

Holiday weather is expected to stay fine and dry over most of England.  Even plenty of sun, other than the northern countries where the cloud cover starts exactly where we live (and has arrived!!). Cumbria and Scotland will get rain, and the very north of Scotland some snow.  Well, we can't have everything, but do feel that Morecambe has not been the best place to live when it comes to dry and sunny weather.  Mind you, we have not had the snow that seem to fall everywhere else.  Win some, lose some!
If you can find time, would love to hear from you, so keep those comments coming. TTFN.