Friday, May 17, 2013

Barely Time to Catch my Breath...

If only I!  That's what I thought yesterday when we got to Morrison's and found that both the mobility scooters had just been taken by those that needed them.  So had to leave the store empty handed.  If only I'd got there 15 minutes earlier, If only I could manage to get around just pushing the trolley.  If only I was younger....!!!

That meant an even earlier start today, getting to Morrison's just after 9.00am.  At least did manage to get a scooter, the other one taken shortly after as it wasn't then when I returned mine.  Didn't seem to be in the store that long, but it was a good hour (I checked).  Got a few items that I needed that had been reduced  (yippee!!), and also managed to get a bottle of chipotle sauce (just love the smoky flavour this hot sauce has). Well, got two bottles as I know I'll be aiming to have some every day (I put a few drops of hot sauce into the canned tomatoes that I have for my lunch).

The Paul Hollywood's 'Bread' book had been sold out, should have bought it when I saw it on an earlier visit.  What else did I buy - admit to buying a few packs of 'seasticks', this time different brands to see if there was any difference.  There was some lovely fresh fish on sale on the fish counter, but B didn't want any, and we have enough in the freezer anyway. 
Today I really have to sort out the freezer to make room for what I intend preparing in advance for the party, it's the only way I can cope with the amount without it all piling up on the day.  There is only so much that can be made/cooked in advance, and problem is I'm having my hair done on Thursday morning, out Thursday evening, out early Friday morning, and the Saturday (evening) is the party.  So my timings have to be pretty exact.

As I've not yet put away the food bought at Morrison's, and Norma will be here in a couple of hours, this means another short blog today, but still time to reply to comments.
Before I do that must mention that programme 'Skint' that buttercup and Janet had talked about previously. Saw the repeat last night and found it very depressing.  The - let's call it 'restricted' - life that those on benefits seemed to be having (although some seemed able to afford to run cars), it reminded me a bit of war-time, except that buying food on the Black Market was VERY expensive during the war.  Seems that food that has 'fallen off the back of a lorry' can be bought much cheaper than that in the supermarkets.

Somehow, it just seems as though everyone in the programme has given up even wanting to try to improve their situation, and I suppose much has to do with attitude.  Not that difficult to cope I would think (if you can afford to smoke cigarettes then there has to be enough money coming in), but anyone lifting themselves out of that particular slough of despond would stick out like a sore thumb.  Probably end up with bricks thrown through the window.   As one lady said, her son would never improve unless they left the area.   And what a dreadful son she had, yet in a way I felt very sorry for him.   Don't know how long the series lasts, but will watch the next to see if there is any difference in the way people on benefits choose to live. 

Lucky you getting a reduced-price non-stick milk pan Eileen.  I got an almost brand-new one at a jumble sale some many years ago, and just loved it (being non-stick) but of course B has scratched the base using a metal spoon.  I've bought plastic utensils especially for him to use with his personal wok, but I see he has already scratched through the non-stick coating of the wok because he 'prefers to use the metal ones'.  He just doesn't seem to bother if he ruins the pans, he only takes care of something if he has paid money for it.

Do let me know all about the Foodbank event Janet. It sounds really good.  Slightly puzzled as to why 'free' slow-cookers are being given out to those that attend, even though this is a very generous thing to do.  For one thing there is nothing in the food allocation that needs slow-cooking as all canned foods have already been cooked/processed.  Giving a slow-cooker to a person who is not used to cooking, and they will probably take it anyway, then sell it to someone else.  Or am I just being cynical? 

As you say Tricia (not sure if you've written before, if not Welcome, or should it be Welcome back?) - those that can cook certainly will always be able to cook meals far more cheaply than those who are just learning, but having said that, I was 40 before I learnt to cook 'properly'.  Until then t was just fairy cakes,  'meat and two veg', and baked beans on toast when the money ran out.  It wasn't until I had no money for one month yet still had to feed the family that I was forced to learn how not just to 'cook' but to make almost everything from scratch (pasta, bread, yogurt, cheese....). Very hard work it was too, but by the end of the month I really had learnt enough to cook and want to carry on cooking. 

Am enjoying the cookery prog on BBC 2 (6.30) each weekday.  I'd never taken much notice of Tom Kitchin (the chef who is choosing to mentor a student), but he certainly has a very pleasant manner, especially with the young cooks.  Will be interested to see if Michel Roux is as 'gentle'.

Watched half an hour of 'Bitchin Kitchen' last night and have to say learnt at least three new things, so however strange the series is, it really has got a lot going for it.  As I said to B, "can you imagine Delia Smith doing a programme like this?" Have to say I'm getting quite addicted to Nadia G (and esp. Hans!).

Forgive me if I leave you today without a recipe, but hope to make up the shortfall by giving several tomorrow (if I can find the time!!).  At the moment I seem to be doing so many different things each day that I feel as though I need to keep focused.  

The weather has improved slightly, yesterday the view across the bay was wonderful, cloudy here but Grange-over-Sands was lit by sunshine and easily visible.  Today could still see Grange and the range of hills behind, but less clearly.  Mostly we can't see 'the other side' at all as it is covered in mist.  But at least then I can imagine the bay is like the 'real' sea with no land visible before the horizon.

As I said, I really HAVE to go and put all the shopping away, then clear the conservatory to make room for Norma and her hair-dryer.  B will be out tonight, so I will be able to watch two (back to back) Bitchin Kitchen.  Then will go to bed, hopefully up early enough to start writing my blog, but anyway, will be writing (unless the comp decides to throw a wobbly).  Hope you find time to join me for our morning 'chat'.  Do hope so.  TTFN.