Tuesday, January 10, 2012


B.T. have just text me to say our phone line is now working again. The problem has been theirs, nothing to do with us - and it was a massive problem that has now only just been sorted. As my mobile phone also wouldn't work at the end of last week - was just about ready to throw in the towel. Stress I can do without!

With no way of connecting up to Broadband/Internet whilst the phone was off, I have now discovered nearly 100 emails waiting for me to read and reply to. As it is nearly lunchtime, and Eileen visiting this afternoon, it will be tomorrow before I have time to 'blog', and not necessarily early as Wednesday is Norma the Hair day, so it will probably be late morning before I manage to start writing.

At least have kept copious notes of everything interesting that has happened and that I've done, and as the trade mag was delivered on Saturday (first fortwo weeks) - along with a copy of their very first issue printed 150 years ago - have plenty to chat about. It will all take time, so bear with me until I get myself back into my old routine.

To all who have stayed the course, will later today be catching up with your comments and replying to as many as I can. Hope to meet up with you all tomorrow (if nothing else goes wrong in the meantime).