Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Better late than never...

Apologies for another late start. Woke late (due to going to bed late) after a lovely dream where I'd been given the use of half an allotment!!! Mind you, the other half was 'owned' by an obnoxiour youngish schoolboy who had already chosen the half that got the most sun. I made quite sure I had my full share of ground for remember (in the dream) measuring both halves with my tape measure and sticking a bit of wood where the two halves met. The allotment supervisor also told me what I should be growing (in this instance grow only herbs the first year), but whatever - it was good to have an allotment again.
Also this morning found emails in the 'inbox' that needed lengthy replies before I began my blog.

Good news is that our daughter was allowed to go home yesterday evening. Her dad collected her at the hospital and stayed with her, but she didn't need him to stay the night, she is blissfully happy to be back in her own home and with the mobility aids she has, am sure she will manage. She knows we are just a text/phone call away and has plenty of neighbours very willing to help her if needs be. Just wished we lived nearer, but at least better here in Morecambe (15 minutes drive away - or 30 minutes at busy time) than in Leeds. Still has to see the consultant (she had been told he would see her in hospital on Monday, but he didn't come and she was then told he wasn't coming at all that week!).

When I went to see the diabetic nurse yesterday for my own results, began by apologising to her that I'd been pretty lax with taking my tablets - sometimes forgetting if I'd taken them, and often only two a day instead of four, so my blood sugar level was bound to have increased. But it hadn't. It was down even lower, which pleased the nurse very much, so she has now reduced the pills anyway and if I keep progressing, when I have my next check in 6 months, she will take me off them altogether, and see if my b.s.c. can be controlled by just diet. Whilst there she gave me my flu jab (which I had booked for this Saturday), so that saves me queueing up with 150 others - although they go through with great speed). B still has to have his jab on Saturday, although he is suffering with a bad throat at the moment (he thinks it started and was caused by the dusty Cordyline - or was it a yucca - that he chopped down a few weeks ago). Will try to persuade him to eat some raw onion (which certainly helps me when I get a bad throat).

So - almost back to normal here. No trade mag arrived this week, so will have to miss giving exciting news (if there was any). So straight on to replying to your comments.

It was very interesting to read about the different types of chilli-con-carne Lisa (we spell it with two 'lls' over here). Have myself made it with cubed beef (as I once read this was the traditional Tex-Mex way) and also (occasionally) add a cube of chocolate (for the same reason). Normally chilli it is made here with minced (US 'ground') beef, and ALWAYS red kidney beans. Loved the idea of a 'white' chilli, and believe that Tabasco sauce is also sold in 'green' as well as 'red', yet putting in cumin sounds as though it might give it more of an Indian curry flavour to the dish. Curry is becoming almost a traditional dish in the UK, but rarely hear of it as a dish eaten in America. We have probably more Indian restaurants in the UK than Chinese, and only a few Mexican (although this is now becoming a more popular cuisine).

Bet your mum lived fairly near to us gillibob (unless she lived the other side of the rail track here in Bare), we are just off the main road on the left that runs over the crossing down through the Crescent to the seafront. Let us hope we can meet up some time.
As you have read above, the diabetic clinic results couldn't have been better.

Shouldn't be too concerned about making the most of a chicken minimiser deb, it takes time to learn the '101 ways to use up a chicken' (as my daughter puts it). Roast chicken is so nice that we always eat more than we (nutritionally) need. Know I do.
Your mention of mould bits of bread - allegedly it was mouldy bread that led to the discovery of penicillin. Seems that someone (a doctor?) had noticed that when ill people ate mouldy bread, they soon got better so discovered this was the reason. Hasten to say that just because of this we should NOT eat mouldy anything for there are different sorts of moulds and some can be quite toxic. Supermarket bread probably has different moulds due to the 'preservatives and additives' in them, so better be safe than sorry.

Cannot believe that 'the Holy Trinity' of veg are now being sold in a frozen state Witchy Witch, but should not really be surprised as we can now buy almost anything already prepared for us. It is this mixture of onions, carrots and celery, that is used for so many dishes, and certainly when making chicken stock, although then I often use carrot 'ends', the outer peelings of onions and a celery 'stump' to add the flavour instead of using 'perfect' veggies. No waste in the Goode kitchen.

Beloved is working at the RNLI shop this morning, so can catch up with kitchen work - quite a lot to do that should have been done this past week, so will have to roll up my sleeves and begin as soon as have finished today's blog. Have mounds of fallen apples to make use of, and have already put a frozen pack of phyllo/filo pastry in the fridge to thaw overnight, so intend making some samosas (to cook later) and can use up some more of the pastry to make some Apple Strudels (which can also be frozen to cook later). But first find more room in the freezer. This 'finding room' seems never to stop.

One recipe today which can be eaten two ways, the first alone with pasta or bread, the second cooked in in a pastry case which - I suppose - could be made with filo pastry instead of shortcrust, in which case it would be similar to the Greek 'spanokopita' (normally made with spinach). This version uses young Kale, but any dark green, lightly cooked veg leaves (even rocket, Mizuma etc) could be used instead.

Kale with Feta: serves 2 - 3
Enough washed and chopped Kale to fill a large frying pan
1 x 200g block of Feta cheese (room temp)
freshly ground black pepper
for the pastry variation use also:
1 x 500g block of shortcrust pastry
milk or egg to glaze
Stir-fry or steam the kale for a few minutes. Crumble the feta cheese, add to the kale and toss together. Allow the cheese to melt a bit, then season with pepper to taste. Serve with pasta or crusty bread.
pastry variation:
Roll out the pastry thinly, and place on a lightly greased baking tray. Spoon the kale/feta over the top, and overlap with more pastry, or pull the sides over to the middle to give a 'rustic' appearance. Brush pastry with milk or beaten egg to glaze, then bake at 200C, 400F, gas 6 for 20 - 30 minutes until golden.
This is good eaten with a well-flavoured home-made tomato (pasta type) sauce.

Am still having to get myself back on track when it comes to writing this blog, and thanks for your patience. Hope I haven't lost too many readers due to not being quite 'with it' these last few days. Will be back with you again tomorrow, and hope you will also return. See you then.