Saturday, October 01, 2011


Very many thanks for all your kind thoughts/messages. Forgive me not replying individually - there were so many, but bless you all.
Our daughter seems considerably chirpier, but we are still waiting for the results of one of her tests (the others showed that all her important bits were working normally), and only then can she be given the right medication or treatment to alleviate her problem (if this can be done at all). It might be she will be allowed to go back to her home (or here) next week. Much depends on her ability to cope (she is a fighter and fiercely independant), but arrangements will be made to make sure she is OK (Beloved may stay with her for a while to see she is OK and also drive her to and fro in the car).

This week has seemed like an eternity, but - fingers crossed - I should now be able to come back to writing my blog each day (or most days) of the week. Other than hospital visiting once/twice a day, the week here has been a bit of a blur. We have had wonderful weather this week but not much chance to enjoy it, but at least managed to see a couple or so wonderful sunsets over the Bay.

There is a bit of Goode(e) news. Was still able to keep my appointment at the surgery for the first of my own tests (second this coming Tuesday), and despite the struggle with my trying to lose weight recently, the surgery scales showed I'd lost nearly a stone since last weighed (6 months previously). The most dramatic change was that my blood pressure had dropped quite a lot - and this I believe is because I have recently been regularly eating beetroot, and also drinking beetroot juice (said to lower b/p quite speedily). If my cholesterol and blood glucose count are on the right side (will know next week), then will be just about 'normal' again.

Needing to take my mind of 'things', asked B to drive me to Morrisons to see if their mobility scooter was free - and it was! So - after learning how it worked (it is quite different to mine re controls) - and after half an hour of B shouting at me "left hand down - straighten up - right hand down" as I kept going in the wrong direction - usually backwards! - eventually mastered it.
Of course we only needed to buy a container of milk, but of course I bought a lot of other things that I've not been able to get at Tesco, such as Puy lentils, various varieties of dried beans/pulses, special flour for making pasta, and a Fajitas 'kit' that B wanted so he could make it himself (which eventually ended up with me making it for him). The latter was a waste of money as what was in the pack could have been bought separately and more cheaply, and had to provide the main ingredients: chicken, salad etc, myself), but B enjoyed it when he ate it.
Did buy a large chicken (half-price offer) so it could be roasted and then eaten as and when we wanted, due to visiting hours being the time we would be normally eating supper, and too late when we returned to want to eat a heavy meal. Some of the cold chicken was used for the Fajitas, the carcase OF COURSE being turned into chicken stock. Also bought from M'sons (and then cooked) a gammon joint, this too being in the fridge ready to slice and eat as and when (tastes very good).

Thoroughly enjoyed my scoot around M'sons, and intending to go again, just as long as B goes and sits in the cafe and lets me find my own way around (and therefore stops nagging me to hurry up and then yells when I go in the wrong direction). I like to go slowly to discover where everything is (which he already knows - and he hasn't the patience to wait for me), so I can trawl around and then use my mobile to phone him to tell me to meet me at the check-out. We are not allowed to take the scooter outside, so B has to get another trolley to wheel the shopping out to the car. Mind you, when we were there, after B loaded up the trolley from the scooter basket (which holds a lot) I ended up pushing the trolley myself and found it easy enough. Can't wait to go again.

Most of my time has been spent sorting out the fridge/freezer to make room for meals to make for our daughter to pop into her microwave on her return home. It's amazing how many bits and bobs I'd frozen that I hadn't labelled. Yesterday thawed out what I thought was chicken stock and it turned out to be lemon juice (now made into a lemon jelly).

No trade mag has arrived today - hopefully will tomorrow, and then can report back on what's new in the shops.
Can't get my head around much more at the moment, so hope you will forgive this shorter than normal blog, but at least am back, and thank you all for being so patient.

Although a cloudy start to the day (after a very warm an humid night), the sun is now out again and the clouds melting away. Think the weather is due to change this weekend (and didn't I hear a warning that we could expect snow this month - today being the first of October?). But at least we have had our Indian summer (true name being St. Luke's Summer), which has given us all that much needed lift to our spirits. Hope you have a lovely day and look forward to meeting up with you again tomorrow.