Sunday, October 02, 2011

Already October!

Cannot believe we are now into October - mainly because of the lovely weather we have had recently. We had a shower of rain last night, and today is very cloudy (the only place in England to have a cloud is - of course - Morecambe!).

Our daughter still seems to be progressing well, and depending on circs, may be going back to her home this coming week, even though her physical health is still not right, but now fairly manageable. Still waiting for the results of her lumbar puncture.

A general thanks to everyone for recent comments, with a welcome to Julie, who has just discovered this blog. You mentioned Morrison's in Morecambe being always busy, gillibob. Sounds as though you live in this area. It would be good to meet up with all local readers some time. The only one so far has been Eileen.

Tried to get onto your blog by clicking on your blue 'Frugal Queen' , but it only came up with a heading and no print. Previously could reach your blog, so maybe something has changed. If so, let me know.

Congrats to Lizzie and all who are losing weight. Have myself put 3 lbs back on since last Monday, but this is normal for me - and should drop off as easily as it landed. Just have to keep an eye on the scales and stop 'eating for comfort'.

Expect the warm weather has given your seeds a much needed boost Urbanfarmgirl, and when the weather get cooler, you could try sowing another batch and see if they respond as rapidly. In any case, successional sowings mean a longer period of harvesting.

The trade mag has not yet arrived (or if it has, B has not brought it in to me), so trade secrets will have to wait for a day or two. Depending upon what is happening next week (my daughter plus an early visit to my own surgery) there may be a day missing re this blog. It's just a matter of waiting each day to find out what is happening next. You will understand I am sure if you log on and there is nothing to read.

For all sorts of reasons, am now giving my stores another 'stock-take'. It really does help me when there is a written list of everything that is in the freezer. The fridge and larder are easy enough to check, but do need to know what I still have in the freezer. Yes, did make lists earlier this summer, but then kept forgetting to cross off food when removed, so although have a rough idea of what is in Boris and Maurice, have no idea of how much. Almost certain I've run out of sausages!!!

Beloved has just been asked if the trade mag has come - he said it came a few days ago and he can't remember where he put it. Don't think it can have come as it is not published until the weekend and it certainly didn't come on Saturday (as I asked him) or today. Due to our daughter being ill, this is making him even more confused, so either the mag has come and he has lost it, or it hasn't. No doubt we will manage without knowing what the supermarkets have in store for us during the next few weeks.

We will not be hospital visiting today due to our daughter wishing to catch up with Downton Abbey this afternoon (the episode she missed last week) and also others will visit her, so will be spending today in the kitchen 'stocktaking', and cooking. More bread has to be made, plus other things. If B will be staying with our daughter for some time, then will have to make enough (frozen) meals for him to take with him - as cannot expect our daughter to start cooking for him. It makes sense anyway - as it is far easier (for me) to re-heat up a (home-cooked) ready- meal than start making it from scratch each time.

The end of this month will be Hallow'een, so must also make sure I have the makings for the goodies I bake to hand out to the 'Trick or Treaters'. So much to do and don't know where to make a start. At the beginning would be a good idea, but how often do I do that?

Looks like more lists need to be made. "Make Christmas Cake!", "Make mincemeat!, "make pudding for cold weather (Sticky Toffee etc) that can be stored in the freezer"..... Also still hoping to hold our 'curry dinner' for our neighbours this month. At least, it's good to have things to do to occupy my mind.

Eileen tells me that our local Sainsburys have scooters that the disabled can use. Also it's not that busy a store (we didn't really need a new one built locally anyway), so may go and have a scoot round there when we need more milk (like next week), and no doubt buying a lot more things I don't need at the same time. Think my normal life-style of spending as little as possible, and using up only what we've got, is being thrown out of the window at this present time. There is nothing quite like retail therapy to cheer me up. Even though it is only food at the moment, have to say have now begun to look longingly in shop windows (furniture, lights, curtains, bric-a-brac etc whilst we drive through Lancaster - sitting in the car waiting for the lights to change and I keep seeing what I'd like to buy). Just as well I'm disabled, I'd be in and out of shops spending all my 'disposable' income at the moment. What disposable income? Normally none, but this week, not able to have my hair done due to clash of appointments, will have THAT money to spend on something else. Spend, spend, spend - that is all I want to do at the moment. What is happening to me?

It's been too hot to cook, so we've been living off cold roast chicken, home-cooked ham, Prawn Cocktails etc, plenty of salads, and a Chinese Take-away, so no recipes worth sharing at the moment. See if I can come up with something more interesting today.
All being well, should be back with you tomorrow. Hope to see you then.