Saturday, May 08, 2010

Law of Averages

Cookery progs do come up with good hints and tips. A recent one was blitzing dried mushrooms (porcini etc) in a food processor/blender, to make a mushroom powder - this then being able to be added to stocks, casseroles etc to give a good flavour. This I would find more use than having to bother to soak the dried mushrooms, and don't really care for them anyway. The powdered mushroom would be MUCH more useful.

A dish that came to my attention when watching a cookery prog was the way a herby crumble topping had been used over a meat based dish (similar to the way we make the topping for apple crumble). There was also a beetroot mousse as dessert, and a cheese mousse in a cornet as a savoury side dish. Perhaps time to turn the tables and cook/present some savoury dishes as we might a dessert, and vice versa. Any suggestions?