Monday, May 03, 2010

Picture This...!

Not lot done yesterday other than making another batch of EasyYo. Yesterday made a batch of 'custard' yogurt, sweetened slightly with Canderel. This sugar sweetener (as most others no doubt) gives 2 calories per teaspoonful against 20 cals of 'real' sugar. Great for diabetics (and dieters).
My intention is to make a trifle for Beloved with sponge cake drizzled with sherry, then topped with canned fruit, this covered by fruit yogurt, and then EasyYo custard. Final topping of squirty cream. Will make my own version without the sponge.
On the other hand could make a jelly, then layer most of the above in a tall glass to make a version of Knickerbocker Glory.
The EasyYo custard can also be used instead of yogurt when I make my soft-scoop ice-cream. So more experimenting to come.

At the moment have one cherry and one custard EasyYo in the fridge, and today will be making another batch of Greek yogurt. Am so pleased with this product that I ordered extra jars as well as more packs of assorted yogs from Lakeland (with the extra jars you also get three free booklets - one dealing with diets, the other a standard recipe book - all dishes of course using yogurt),
EasyYo is - as the name suggests - SO easy to make and virtually foolproof, and as you know, recommended as this is a product I am happy using. In truth I am in love with EasyYo, especially now that my Beloved prefers it to the more expensive yogurt he used to buy for himself (EasyYo works out at only 22p per 100ml). As a pack makes a litre at a time, and as this keeps at least two weeks in the fridge, with two or three different flavours to use, there is more than enough to keep both of us happy and also leave plenty for me to use for cooking purposes.
I myself am feeling a lot better because the 'bio' in these yogs has given me back what the antibiotic pills killed off.

As well as being a healthy food we should all be eating, natural 'plain' yogurt is an essential 'ingredient' for the self-sufficient cook, who can turn it into an alternative to mayonnaise, sour cream, and cream cheese. It can also be used to make creme fraiche, dips, sauces, frozen desserts, and used in many dishes where cream would normally be used. Not forgetting the raita that should always accompany a curry.

To make the three 'alternatives' above, get a sieve, line it with damp muslin, a damp (and unused) J cloth, or even damp kitchen paper, and plonk in your yogurt.
For mayo and sour cream, drain for two hours.
For a dip consistency, drain 4 - 5 hours
For a soft cheese, drain for 8 -10 hours.
These will keep for a week covered in the fridge.

To make a version of creme fraiche take equal quantities of whipped cream and yogurt, and fold the two together. This eats well spooned over fresh fruit, fruit pies and crumbles, and this - with or without a little sugar or sugar substitute added - when strained to the thickness required, makes a good cake filling/topping.