Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Different Views

Looking at the newsletter, it does seem that prices are rising over the board, if it isn't fuel it is food. So need to shortly cut down my protein purchases. Make the most of it while I can is the name of the game at the moment.

A mention was given in the above newsletter of a food challenge - someone had written in saying they had only two tins of beans in their cupboard and had under £14 to spend on food for the week. How could they manage?
It did turn out there were other things in the cupboard - noodles were mentioned later, then this changed to 300g rice, and also plenty of 'flavourings': salt, pepper, spices, soy sauce etc.
Comments had been sent in with suggestions, the most sensible being start the day with porridge (oats are very cheap but also very nourishing). But this challenge gave me food for thought, and over the next few days will try and discover how much 'useful' food £14 will buy. Dare say if we all set ourselves this task, we will find out that it is very easy to live on this amount. With some advance planning (sow mixed salad leaves for example, and get free chicken carcases from the butcher) we could increase the amount we eat and spend even less.