Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dishes from the Past

Semolina pudding is a great favourite with our family. Add a knob of butter at the end to make it richer, even beat in an egg if you wish. We add a dollop of jam or a piece of chocolate to each serving to be stirred in, but even on its own it does make a good pud.

Semolina is a very useful 'grain' to keep in store as it can also be used in cake recipes and I have substituted it for polenta in the past, although I believe semolina is made from wheat and polenta from corn.

Many years ago I used to buy potato flour (aka pommes fecules), and then that disappeared. Extremely good for thickening sauces when you wanted more clarity - arrowroot works in the same way. I saw it used in a cookery prog. yesterday where chicken pieces were dipped in the potato flour before frying - as this flour gives a very crisp coating. They said it was back on the shelves so must add it to my next grocery order.

I must mention that when I order my groceries on-line I can sometimes buy foods that are not seemingly on sale in our local branch (I have been told that online orders are packed from a delivery depot, not at the store itself, which probably explains why). Frozen chicken livers I can buy on-line but only fresh chicken livers (which are more expensive) are sold in the store. Annoyingly I cannot seem to purchase packs of Lambs Lettuce (aka Corn Salad) on-line, yet they are sold in store.
Recently my husband went to get me some diet Yogurt (low fat yogs are high in sugar), and could only find one kind - delicious though they are. Yet on-line there were several brands of diet yogurts I could choose from. So - if you buy on-line you may be able to find an even better selection than in store.

It has been said that if we buy on-line we will almost certainly spend less than if we trolleyshop. I can agree with this because although I do spend more on one delivery than if I went to the store (only because I haven't got to carry it all home), it will last me AGES as I have now proved.
Have to admit to getting carried away when I start adding goods to my virtual basket, as there are so many bogofs and reduced prices that I think I want at the time, but as I order well in advance of delivery I can, a day or two later, remove the ones I don't really need. This way I can enjoy the immediate pleasure of temptation, without having to pay for it at the end.

Take advantage of the weather and bring out those barbeques. Happy Easter Feasting.