Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Better late than Never

One thing I forgot to mention was a bit of serendipity. After Kim's roast lamb lunch, I made the leftovers into Monday's supper for Beloved. There were two cooked but soft individual Yorkshire Puddings to make use of (Kim likes them with EVERYTHING). I had layered the sliced carrots and potatoes with slivers of lamb, poured over a good dollop of onion gravy, added some thawed frozzen peas and topped the lot with with crumbled stuffing balls. Yet I could not bring myself to throw away those two soft Yorkie Puds. In the end I decided to lay them on their side, and slice through making two rings and one flat base from each. These I spread with a smidgin of butter and laid, butter side up on top of the stuffing. When baked (25 mins at 180C), the meal was heated through and the Yorkie bits had gone so delightfully crisp that my husband crunched them with delight. Must do that again- and again. Methinks I have got to the sad lady stage when I can't even bear to throw away a couple of individual Yorkshire Puddings.