Friday, February 16, 2007

Feeling the Pinch?

Nearly at the end of week seven, and this week have needed to buy more vegetables. The costing for these (and anything else 'bought' from my own store) will be detailed at the end of the week. This week has given me more complications - my husband brought in a Chinese Takeaway as a treat for me/us after his holiday. This weekend I have two guests stopping over, and they are taking us out for a meal. All I can do is list the meals cooked at home and make allowances for these 'extras' at the end of the Challenge. On the good side the missing luggage was delivered last last night so Beloved was able to give me my pressies - a large Chorizo sausage and two jars of Mojo Sauce, one coriander based, the other chili. Bliss.

I suppose during the ten weeks of penny pinching (apart from one lot of fish and chips accounted for), the unexpected was bound to happen. I will cope. Knowing your interest, the menu for this week has been: pasta, mushrooms and onions in a creme fraiche sauce with Parmesan; the Take-Away; Cold Meat Platter; Spag.Bol. Tonight may be a fish dish, tomorrow hopefully Curry. On Sunday - not yet sure. Oh, I did make an apple and blackberry pie (with a pastry heart in the middle to satisfy Saint Valentine).

Surprisingly there is still plenty left from the original shopping list (posted just before Xmas).
Not even touched the jar of pickle (so why did I get it?), and still plenty of onions to work through. The massive jar of Marmite seems hardly touched although we do use it a lot. The Bovril also. Enough corned beef and sardines to last several weeks more. Anyone new to this site will feel we have been eating almost war-time rations, but we know better.

Now that Beloved has returned, more ice-cream must be made and another TOP to keep him happy. I'm pulling out all the stops and for the last three weeks am aiming to make even better Goode meals.