Saturday, February 10, 2007

Better Late than Never

My meals this week have been uninspiring to say the least. Most days were either chunky vegetable soups, jacket potatoes with baked beans or cheese or spag.bol filling. Pasta with fried mushrooms, onions and tomato puree with some creme fraiche. Quick, easy, comforting and cheap. That is all I asked for. And virtually nothing to 'buy from myself'.

There are a few things I do automatically, then I remember later not mentioned at the time. One was to do with the two oils I bought. One extra virgin olive oil, the other sunflower. Into a spare bottle I poured equal amounts of the olive oil and sunflower, gave a good shake - and that was my 'in between' oil as I call it. The sunflower and the 'in between' I use for general frying, the olive oil is for making salad dressings or for drizzling over certain dishes - pizzas for example. This now means I have over half a bottle of extra virgin left for the last four weeks of the challenge, half a bottle of 'in between' and about a quarter left of the sunflower. More than enough.