Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Taking Stock

Yesterday's meal was Pasta Carbonara. Checking my stores I saw there was plenty of pasta left, I also have plenty left of that economy pack of bacon, so a few of the thicker pieces were chopped to imitate pancetta, all I needed then were eggs and cream (although I used creme fraiche), so all the makings were there.

For the purpose of the Challenge I keep a large ledger in which I have written down all the foods I have bought especially for this and which were delivered the week before Xmas although not started until the first of January. All details are included, the weight of each, price etc. Then I write down (or rather cross off) what I have used, then I know just what is left.
On another page I write down everything I have used from my storecupboard, by that I mean previously bought foods, and these are also costed. Apart from a couple of gaps in the freezer and a few in the cupboard, there is still a lot left. Usually it is only fresh produce (fruit and vegetables) that need replacing. Normally I wouldn't be checking so accurately, this is just for the purpose of the Challenge.

Fresh foods that are keeping very well are onions, butternut squash, celery, white cabbage,
carrots. I am still working my way through these even though I have had them now five weeks. Parsnips are needing to be used up, also potatoes. Lettuce keeps for up to three weeks and tomatoes two to three weeks. Meat and fish were frozen the day of purchase, so should last - apart from sausages. I have run out of these and will buy more today, thinner ones in the hope they last longer.
My milk bill is lower, because I have been able to occasionally (and not all in one week) cancel some cheese, Greek yoghurt, creme fraiche, but did once need to order more eggs and butter. Even so, overall it is well within my weekly allowance so should make a saving there.

Beloved is off on his winter holiday early next week (sailing a Tall Ship on the high seas), but this won't affect my Challenge at all as the day he leaves, a good friend arrives to stay and keep me company. Anxious to lose the 3 lbs Beloved has gained, I have been asked to keep portions low, so as it is such a cold day (still no snow), I think a good chunky vegetable soup should suffice for tonight's meal. Or maybe salmon fillet on lemon couscous. Or, or, or - I haven't yet decided.