Thursday, February 15, 2007

Country Affairs

Now for the final days of the magazine menu:

Breakfast: orange juice, muesli, Morning Scramble on toast.
Light Meal: Chicken Barley Soup with Melba toast. Fresh fruit.
Main Meal: Spicy Cinnamon Beef with Rice and runner beans. Ice-cream Chantilly.
(Planning tip: Make the home-baked beans in time to use with the Cinnamon Beef as well as for tomorrow morning.)

Breakfast: orange juice, cereal, sausages and baked beans with fried mashed potato.
Light Meal: Pizza Espressa, lettuce and cucumber salad with yogurt dressing.
Main Meal: Crunchy Croquettes with grated carrot salad. Profiteroles with Mocha Sauce.
(Planning tip: cook the lentils early on and allow to drain. Make the Profiteroles and the pate for the toasties the next morning.)

Breakfast: orange juice, cereal, Hot Spread Toasties.
Light Meal: French Onion Soup with Cheese Croutons. Fresh fruit.
Main Meal: Pasties with lettuce and tomato garnish. Lemon Barley drink.
(Planning tip: Make the pasties any time during the day, they can easily be reheated for the evening meal.)

Breakfast: orange juice, yogurt, toast and marmalade, tea or coffee
Light Meal: Beef Broth with mini dumplings.
Main Meal: Quite a Fish Dish with green beans. Fruit Pavlova.
(Planning tip: As Friday, make the Fish Dish any time, then reheat if necessary. The Pavlova, made on Tuesday, only requires last-minute filling.)