Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Wednesday Witterings

Pleased to report that I feel much better this morning.  Perhaps due to having another lie-in with very pleasant dreams.  Food of course was part of the dream.  Wonder why?
Although it was very cold last night with strong winds, this morning is again very sunny, and as the night's get shorter it really seems as though spring is very close. 

If I have any moan at all (and it is hardly a moan) it is about a film that B began watching, I saw only the start - lots of shooting and helicopters exploding even before the titles came up.  Then it said: "36 months later..." and the story continued.  As I left the room I said to B, "typical Americans, why can't they just say it as it is, like "3 years later...", they always seem to prefer to make things complicated, great long words when a short one would do (automobile - car,  replicate - copy, faucet - tap, etc...), if I remember rightly (and I could be wrong) President Bush used to come up with some very long words that had not even been invented.  Is the use of long words supposed to show intelligence?

Some lovely comments again, so on to my replies and welcome to new readers: Saffron (in Australia) who I hope will let us know how she gets on using the eucalyptus.  Also Helen (Essex) who has just sent in her first comment, and to whom Eileen has replied sending a suggestion for extending the dry yogurt mix (thanks Eileen).

You could be right jane, I might well have that SAD problem, although have to say that although normally a very positive person, do have my 'down days'.  My life seems to be always to have a wave movement, as though I'm either surfing down to a low, or rising up for days of sheer pleasure.  At least now I've had my low, and it's onwards and upwards for the next few weeks and hopefully months.

Unfortunately missed the bit of 'Best British Bakery' that showed the Croquembouche Granny G. Do wish I'd seen it.  As to my speciality, well it probably wouldn't be a 'bake', more a savoury, but it it was 'bakes' then probably a layer cake with the layers perpendicular instead of horizontal.  Or perhaps a cheesecake.   My favourite biscuits are always the Fork biscuits, but nothing very clever about these, they just taste wonderful and very easy to make.

Haven't heard anything especially good about pecans Alison, I will try and find out more as most nust are beneficial to our health, but not all in the same way.  Walnuts are said to help lower cholesterol, and almonds good for the heart (but only if eaten with the skins still on).
Thanks for continuing to read my blog, not sure what sanctimonious means, but the start of the word sounds a bit saintly, so does it mean 'preaching'?  With me I try to suggest what is the best thing to do, but always leave it to each reader to make a choice that suits them best.  Perhaps I should be called 'Signpost Shirley' then leave it to each reader whether to take the path I'm shoving them in the direction of.

As you say Sarina, it could be stress that has been causing my recent hives.  Not sure whether stress or depression are the same thing, but as I feel neither today and the hives seem to have stopped itching, and hardly now visible, then you are probably right.
How lovely to have a 9 month old grand-daughter to care for, even if for only one day a week.  Such a lovely age, and able to introduce a baby to healthy eating (making baby foods yourself), means that she almost certainly won't end up a 'picky eater' as she gets older.

Was hoping I'd soaked up enough Vitamin D during last summer Pam.  I used to go and sit in the very hot sun for HOURS for that very reason.  They say the body can store it to use in the winter months.  Have just started taking a multi-vit and mineral supplement as I feel I need the extra iron anyway, and perhaps these also are making me feel better.
Yesterday was feeling cross with myself for feeling so low, especially homesick for Leeds when I live in a lovely home and seaside resort that other folks would give their right arm for.  But then I felt homesick for Leicester when we moved to Leeds, but eventually was able to 'do things' with my life (like TV, buy a car, play bridge....).  What I need here is a hobby.  

Thinking how miserable I have been in recent days made me think about all the immigrants and asylum seekers who have come to live in the UK.  They too must feel very homesick, especially when coming from countries where their culture is nothing like ours.  Some older members of their families never seem to be able to learn our language at all, so must seem very isolated.   At least other nationalities do seem to keep a close family relationship, older members living in the homes of their offspring.  But even then, there must be a feeling of great loss of friends (and even much warmer weather).  It must be far easier to move from one place to another when young (or under 40), as the older we get the less opportunity there is to find new acquaintances.

After watching a trailer for EastEnders yesterday, was very pleased to see that Stacey will be returning to the series next week.  Have always liked her (as an actress), and hope she stays for ages.
A character returning usually means the departure of another (to keep the numbers balanced) so who will go: will it be Masood, or will it be David (with the air-hostess)?  Or maybe Kat off to live in Australia with Alfie (he returns next week so we will find out). 
I go on about youngsters spending many hours using their comps and tablets, and I'm just as bad watching hours of TV (E.Enders, Corrie, ...Midwife, Mr.Selfridge and most cookery and other craft progs...).  Yesterday did watch a thought-provoking programme about sun-spots.  We could be in for a biggie either this year or next.  Also a lovely prog. about the intelligence of some creatures, and watching how a crow (different species to ours) was able to work out a very complicated system so that it could reach the food -  and did this in a very few minutes, was mind-boggling. 
Giving a dog a similar (and easy) test that the bird did in seconds and the dog did not seem able to understand at all, it was believed that dogs can only be taught how to do things, and cannot work things out for themselves.  This I believe is not quite true as we had a Labrador that did all sorts of things to make sure she could take food we had left out (that she knew she shouldn't touch) and none of it had been taught to her.

Anyway, back to today.  Am still sorting out the kitchen, each time I tidy up a new bit (cupboard or drawer) end up with things I hardly every use, now piled up in a heap, so as I don't wish to throw them away (I do use them occasionally), now have to find somewhere to put them.  At the moment am planning on putting them in plastic bags and shoving them inside our large cool box which is only used to carry food to the social club, and as they are just about to have their kitchen extended it will be several months before they serve meals again.  So I'll have to try and find someone else to be useful to.  Perhaps the Foodbank could do with more tray-bakes for their freezer.

At least I feel like being far more active, so hopefully a proper cooking day today.   Yesterday B had to make do with chilli con carne (home-made 'ready meal' from the freezer), and at least all my bulk cooking has at least provided me with almost instant meals to warm up for B on the recent days when I've not felt like doing anything but sit and mope.   Still a few more left, but as the freezer could do with 'topping up', maybe I'll 'bulk-cook' something today.  Have to wait and see how where the mood takes me.

Will return tomorrow aiming to be bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Hope you also have a good(e) day, and will find time to write to me.  Hope to 'see' you then.  Bye for now. xx