Saturday, February 01, 2014

Busy Weekend

After having a tidy-up of the larder yesterday, and finding a lot of ingredients on high shelves that  I'd forgotten about (but can still be used), and then turning to the kitchen cupboards - the top shelves too high for me to reach - I'm now going to have to put everything into reach.  B won't let me stand on a small stool (sensible I suppose but I'm quite safe so far), so today B will be bringing down everything on the top shelves, replacing with things I rarely use (such as the large casseroles usually used for the social club's meals) giving me space in lower cupboards.   So that is the plan for this weekend and I can tell you it will take me AGES to re-jig the kitchen cupboards (and some larder shelves) to suit my purposes.  So a short blog today and no blog tomorrow.  Back again on Monday.

Regarding 'eateries' in Lancaster and Morecambe Cheesepare,  The Turkish one in L. has closed down which is a pity as it was very good, but was only open in the evenings.  The Honey Tree (a Chinese Restaurant) on the prom in Leeds, We like that one, it is open for lunch - all day I think, and evening.  It is - if I recall - very close to Lubins (you mentioned that to me a long time ago), almost at the east end of the parade of shops that line the prom.  Am sure there are many other good places to eat, but so far we haven't tried them.  The Dog and Partridge in Bare (a hundred or so yards down the road - going towards the prom - from the railway station in Bare) I've heard makes good pub grub.

Had a think about your query Susan, it just might have been that one room had a deep clean once a week, a different room each week, all the other rooms having a general clean every day.  That makes more sense.  Once decided to time the domestic chores each day so that I could work to a plan and - hopefully - find 15 minutes to stop and have a cup of coffee in at 11.00am.  It really worked like a charm.  Most of the time I'd been able to tidy and 'shallow' clean each room, do one 'deep-clean', AND do the washing, fit in the shopping in the afternoon, and do all the cooking (and some gardening).  Unfortunately it didn't last and I soon got back to my slovenly ways.  Must see if I still have the desk diary where I wrote down all the timings.  Would make interesting reading.

Yesterday B cooked a stir-fry for his supper, with my usual help (pre-cooking him some carrot batons, sugar snap peas, cauliflower - and some purple - he doesn't like 'crunch'). Laid out some peeled root ginger, a peeled onion, a chunk of red bell pepper, a couple of mushrooms  for him to chop - he likes chopping.  And a peeled garlic to put in the garlic crusher (it won't work with the peel on).  Chose a sachet of sweet and sour sauce to go with the chicken (left over from the previous day's tagine), so added a slice of canned pineapple (from the freezer), and he heated up a 2 - minute 'special fried rice' to go with it all.  He really loves cooking a stir-fry (as long as most of the prep is done for him).

Myself had a salad with some tuna, and a navel orange as 'pud'.  Still haven't lost any more weight, so perhaps I'll eat a lot more this weekend to see if it triggers my metabolism out of 'starvation mode'.

This last week have been watching (not always all of each episode) a new series about competitive interior decorating.  This has really made me want to give our home a make-over, not difficult as most if it (carpets, walls, furnishings, are cream - BORING!).  Must first buy myself a small sewing machine (having given my old, very heavy but still working, Singer away).   Trouble is I keep remembering how old I am and ask myself  "is it now worth doing, will I still stay alive long enough to enjoy it?"   Said something similar to myself (when thinking about planting raspberries), when we first moved here, and that will be five years ago this summer.  Really should have planted those berries as we'd now have a very good crop (did plant some autumn fruiting ones, but in the wrong place, they don't fruit well, and the birds get most of them anyway).   Who knows, I could live to be 100.  On the other hand.....

There was me yesterday happy with the unseasonably mild weather we've been having, and it was only when watching the TV news that I realised how bad the flooding has been - and still is - in the south-west (and other areas).  There are 10 flood warnings still today, and with very high tides again, and much stronger winds it could get worse, not better.   Very windy here now, but the sun is shining and we do seem - so far - to have missed having heavy rain.  It is much colder, still above freezing, so perhaps lucky not - yet - having snow.  
We expect heavy rain in February (this month starting today) as it has always been called 'February fill-dyke', followed by 'March Winds' and 'April Showers'.  We seem to get the lot all at once and most of the winter (and some of the summer) now.

Will be back with you again on Monday.  Keeping away from the shops, use up what we have, and although we may have to work a little harder, when we count those pennies (and ££s) saved in our kitchen piggy-bank, isn't it just worth it?  Hope you all have a pleasant weekend, and keep those comments coming.  TTFN.