Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Just a Quickie

Back today as tomorrow I may be too busy to blog but wanted to give a mention re Jamie's new prog. and would love to hear what you thought about it. 
Myself was quite impressed for Jamie does have a good way of demonstrating how easy it is to make various dishes, and I particularly liked his idea 'we spend more to save more'. 

As in the 'old days' Jamie worked with one large joint of meat (cheaper brisket - but even this cost £14) and showed how it could be eaten as a (slow) roast on Sunday, the rest used up in various dishes during the following week.  How we used to cook, but serving quite different (and more interesting) dishes than our ancestors did.

Snag is, seeing so many different sauces used, not to mention food processors etc, it begs the question "if people are expected to have these, then almost certainly they are experienced cooks, so already know how to make economical meals".  Am hoping that Jamie shows cooking at the novice level, maybe using a grater and a wooden spoon, a rotary whisk and one dented saucepan now and again to prove what can be made if this is only what we have.  

Yesterday didn't make the fish risotto as (given the choice) B chose 'fish and chips', so as I had battered haddock in the freezer (fry from frozen), and oven chips, that is what he had (plus mushy peas - also from the freezer but made by my own fair hands many months ago using a pack of dried marrowfat peas).
Not sure what I'll be cooking tonight.  Baking certainly must be done today as have a coffee morning again tomorrow (just one neighbour, nothing fancy but I like to serve at least home-made biscuits).

Depending on what time I wake tomorrow I may have time to write a short blog, or I may have to leave it until Thursday, but do hope as many readers as poss will write in with their person reviews on Jamie's prog.  Look forward to reading them.  Ta ta for today,  back again soon.