Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Still Struggling

Having difficulty AGAIN reaching blogger, also with the publishing.  Steve should be coming to sort it out once the router arrives (it is taking its time).  So bear with me.
Keeping this short as blogger is happier publishing short pieces, not my usual rambles. A reply to Sue who mentions having to pass many aisles on the way to buying her fresh purchases.  This is one of the supermarkets 'secrets':  'keep the bread, eggs, milk, butter, cheese etc (most of the 'fresh' basics) at the back of the store so we have to walk past a lot of other things put there to tempt us.  At least in most stores the fruit and veg ARE at the start, but not all.  We still have to carry on to the back and buy the rest.

A lovely day yesterday - I spent some of it in the garden, the rest doing some cooking.  I wanted to place an order with Tesco but the comp would not reach 'checkout', so I couldn't pay.  At least that prevented me buying anything, and made me take a second look at what I had and realise I didn't really NEED any of what I thought I did.   So off I went into the larder and got a pack of Tesco's Value Sponge Cake mix (VERY cheap and had bought a few 'for research purposes').  Has to be said it works out cheaper than making the cake from scratch, but not a patch on home-made.  However, yesterday, as I had an over-ripe banana that needed using, mashed that up and mixed it into the mix (plus the added egg and water) and have to say it made the lightest, beautifully flavoured cake I've made in ages. Cut in half and sandwiched together with home-made lemon curd I had to go back and have a second slice.  A big one!

Am publishing this now just to make sure it DOES get published (it might not - who knows), will be back tomorrow and write more.  Perhaps little and often is better than a lot occasionally.  TTFN.