Friday, September 20, 2013

Have to Laugh!

Firstly thanks for your lovely comments re the recent Anon outburst.  Please don't think I was upset by this, because I know quite well what the person is like, having come into contact with several of this type before (in person).  If anyone else gets sent a comment such as these, then be assured that these are sent by 'psychopaths', people who find real enjoyment in upsetting others.  They can be extremely pleasant when meeting people face to face, normally 'very likeable', any unpleasantness they do later, anonymously. They never seem to be able to tell the truth, always believed until much later when found out because they have forgotten what story they told in the first place, and come up with another version. Sometimes they seem to believe their own lies. Normally they are heavy sleepers, and for some reason have a dislike of older folk.  They don't mind saying they want to get rid of them  (I've heard (when I was still young), adults my age adults say (when in the same car as me "put your foot down and kill that old lady crossing the road. She's no use. Ha, Ha."
"You'll be old one day" I said.  "God, let's hope not" was the reply. But it happens, and then wait and see how suddenly the attitude changes.

In the past psychopaths were the sort of people who enjoyed sending unpleasant phone calls, and anonymous correspondence. When not employed doing this some have the attitude that it's OK to take what they want without paying, because they just wanted it.  They seem to have no understanding of right and wrong. Or perhaps just don't care.
Hours can be spent sending unpleasant comments via their comp.  and this could be a good thing as once they get bored with this, they could go on to worse things.  Like killing for pleasure (often done to insects and small animals).  
Sadly psychopaths can't help being who they are, their brain is just programmed a certain way, and doubtful they could ever change (or even recognise their condition) although the older they get the more they might change for the better. 

The good thing is that even if a comment is sent via a community comp. (library etc) the person who sends the comment can still be traced (there is always a time when an email is sent and CD cameras who know who is around at that time), and of course traceable from a home computer or other electronic gadget.  So anyone who receives a comment that is really bad, they should inform the police who will be able to trace the culprit.

Thanks again to all readers who have sent in reassuring comments, but as I said above, I truly was not that bothered.  Maybe a bit surprised, and - in a way - pleased that it's given me the opportunity to let others know they should never be upset when they receive anything anonymously unpleasant. Be like me.  Laugh it off!

Now to more important issues.  Food.   Am interested in that pie maker you have jane, nearly bought one myself but as B likes larger pies, decided against it.  Does it really only take 10 minutes to bake a pie, and presumably frozen after baking?

Thanks Sarina for mentioning that cleaners also do water-proofing.  Much I suppose depends on how much they would charge per blanket.  Usually it does work out cheaper (for anything) if we do it ourselves.

Know what you mean Janet, about books falling to pieces. Am finding my own books doing the same and left open at a page, the paper soon changes to a coffee colour.  I hardly ever refer to them.  Usually it is cheap paper and cheap glue that causes the problem (the cheaper the book the quicker it falls apart).

Since we moved here, I've taken to copying my favourite recipes in one book (desk diary page-a-day type). Not in any particular order, but I keep it in the kitchen so that it is easily referred to.  When I find a recipe that I wish to use again (and again...) it is copied into the book.   Suppose I really should re-write it so that I can find the recipes in alphabetical order, or under 'sweet' and 'savoury' etc.

Still have not yet decided on the desserts to be made for tomorrow's club meal.  Am starting my working morning by making microwave lemon curd (saving egg whites to make meringues), then will prepare a Tiramisu (it needs making the day before eating), and decide what the other dessert will be.  A Trifle is too much like a Tiramisu (the latter being easier to make anyway), and am toying with the idea of baking a 'Paris-Breste' - this being a big ring of choux pastry, this - once baked - can be split and filled with sweetened cream (and possibly blackberries) then icing sugar sifted on the top layer of pastry. 

Have so many blackberries, think these will HAVE to take part in at least one of the desserts, so could (perhaps) make a 'Morecambe Mess' (variation of Eton Mess) by baking some meringues, then these can be lightly crushed and blended with whipped cream and blackberries.
Or maybe a blackberry cheesecake?  Or even a sort of Black Forest Gateau using blackberries soaked in a little kirsch instead of the traditional black cherries.   Probably bake a chocolate sponge anyway, and then see how I feel.

No blog tomorrow as I'll probably need to sorting out the last dessert, as have to allow time in case it all goes wrong and have to make another, me being the type of person who always travels on the train before the one needed in case there is a delay on the line.  One thing I pride myself on is punctuality.  I cannot bear to be late.  Other than my own funeral of course! 

Gill is away (again!) this coming Sunday, so I'll have time to blog that morning, that is if I can manage to get up early enough and feel in the mood.  Last night I took a hot water bottle to bed with me and also wore a cardi over my nightwear.  Slept like a log, and had some wonderful dreams.  So will do the same again tonight.

Was intending to put the heating on, but the forecast is that it will be a bit warmer next week, so will wait and see.  Had our electricity and gas statements yesterday.  About £10 in credit for the 'leccy' (which will be eaten up now we have a second TV used daily by B no doubt). The good news is that we are nearly £170 in credit with the gas.  This because we have not used the central heating for several months, so have now overpaid.  This credit will soon get used up once the heating is on again, but switched on only when necessary (and not all day as I have done in the past when very cold), hopefully we won't need to increase the monthly payments, even if/when there is a price rise.

Meant to finish by 10.00am, but - as ever - keep rambling on.  If I don't stop now I won't get my lemon curd made in time to use for the Tiramisu.  Hope all my lovely readers enjoy their day. TTFN.