Sunday, August 04, 2013

First Week's Purchases

We are all different, so my choices of how to spend £10 on food may not be yours. But here goes... Firstly I give the nine items that will last more than one week - so won't need to be bought the second week, and maybe not even the third. That means, once I've replaced the basics (that last only one week) on the second week I'll have £6.16p to spend on other foods. More about that later. 1 lb white cabbage: 36p; 1 tray 15 eggs: £1.35p; 1x500g pack spaghetti 29p; 1 jar mayonnaise 38p; 1 kg porridge oats 75p; 1 x 500g yogurt; 1 kg onions £1.00; 1.5kg carrots 89p; 1 kg small potatoes 69p. To be used up during the week...4 pints milk £1; 2 x 410g cans baked beans; 1 wholewheat loaf 47p; 1 pack Beanfeast Bolognaise 99o; jar Passata 29p; 1 can tuna 49p. Total cost of purchases: £9.90p. The idea is to have breakfast of porridge, or maybe egg on toast (scrambled or poached). Lunch could be beans on toast (or egg on beans on toast..). Or maybe a vegetable soup (carrots/onions/potatoes). Fish cakes could be made from mashed potato and tuna, eaten with coleslaw (carrot/onion/cabbage). The mayo can be extended by mixing with some of the yogurt, alone the mayo can be spread on bread in place of butter or marg. Hardboiled eggs can be finely chopped and mixed with mayo and yog to make egg mayo for a sarnie. The Beanfast Bolognese would be made with added passata, and some finely diced or grated carrot and onion, and can also be extended with a handful of porridge oats. Some of the Bolognese sauce would be eaten with pasta, the remained could be made into Cottage Pie, topped with mashed potato and served with steamed cabbage and/or carrots. If the baked beans were strained through a sieve, the sauce from the can could be added to the Bolognese instead of using Passata (so this alone would save 29p). More yogurt can be made using a little of the bought with some warm milk. Once set, this can be drained through a kitchen--paper lined sieve to make a soft cheese. Hope this has given some idea of how my mind works. Food will become more interesting once the second week's purchases have been bought. Details of these (hopefully) tomorrow. Need to make sure this is printed. Will reply to comments tomorrow. TTFN.