Thursday, August 01, 2013

Spitting Feathers

Hate this comp. Now I can't seem to write/publish my blog in the usual way. Last posting appeared OK on the screen but published as one paragraph instead of many. This may be the same so will make this short and sweet. Thanks for comments (Margie and Tricia). I'd love to reply in some detail but will keep it in mind until the comp is back to normal (or when Steve brings me a better one later this month). Suffice to say I may be off screen for some days if I can't sort the problem as it has taken me nearly three hours to even get onto this page, so you can see this doesn't put me in the right mood to have a comfortable chat. While I'm off screen (which could be a few days - just keep checking as I promise I will be back), I'm going to set myself little challenges like: What (good) food could be bought for £10 if that is all I have to feed myself on for a week (or even feed two!). Also the very basic ingredients we should start to being storing in our larders, as these would help bulk up meals over later weeks. It could be this prints out well enough, but I won't know until I've published and signed out, for even if I 'view' it isn't always how it ends up (as I've discovered). If acceptable then I may be back sooner than I expect. Otherwise watch this space! Hope to see you sooner rather than later. TTFN