Friday, November 02, 2012

Weather Permitting

Having to start today's blog all over again as a sudden thunderclap coincided with the comp switching itself off midstream when writing my blog.  Previous to that there had been a hailstorm with hail the size of grapes! Due to bloggers new layout I cannot seem to find how to get onto the 'view' page so that I can carry on with any draft that might have been saved.  So starting again.

Took a look at that web site you mentioned Jane, it is interesting in that it comes up with various recipes we can make once we have clicked the ingredients we have.  Many years ago I bought a secondhand book (probably printed before fridges were common) giving similar suggestions on how to make the most (or best) of a few storecupboard ingredients (plus some 'fresh' foods we might have), the book was called "Nothing in the Cupboard But...".  Wish I'd kept it, as there were some splendid meals we could make for ourself from some very basic ingredients such as bread, milk, eggs..

Wish I had your knowledge of butchery Marjorie.  There are so many different cuts of meat, especially the cheaper ones, that we really should be making more use of in these cash-strapped times.  Especially offal.  I keep thinking I ought to take a butchery course, or at least a course where the various parts of a cow (or pig, or lamb...) are demonstrated and discussed. 

As you say Brenda, I do work (cook) for the sheer love of it.  Earning money by my efforts would go completely against the grain as I find more pleasure trying to make ends meet than earning money so the ends fit together comfortably - if you know what I mean.  The harder things get the happier I am.  How odd is that?

The weather at the moment is getting worse.  More hail, thunder, and altogether dreadful, so as the comp failed before when lightening lit the sky, think I'll sign off for today as I don't feel that safe in front of the window with the electrics all around me.  Sorry about that, but hope to return tomorrow when by then the bad weather should have moved on elsewhere.  Hope to see you then.  TTFN.