Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Problems, problems..

Always something to put a spanner in the works.   Yesterday felt that things were getting a bit on top of me, so as there was a footie match on during the evening, took myself off into the conservatory with a big pan and a pen, then sat down and wrote a list of what had to be done each and every day from today until the end of Saturday,.  This covered two big A4 sheets of paper (actually it was an old foolscap pad I was using), and I stuck one below the other and then taped these to the fridge door.   

Took a photo of these this morning but it took ages for the comp to connect up to the camera, it said it didn't recognise the whatever, but eventually it did.  Silly me should have left the pic on a previous site used by blogger, as now it won't accept the new name.  I've spent at least half an hour trying to put the pic. of my 'worklload list' for you to see, but still it won't accept it, so have given up trying.

Went to bed before midnight last night, but it was about 4.30 before I fell asleep.  My mind was on canapes, canapes, canapes, desserts, and canapes, and all I wanted to do was get up and do some more preparation etc.  B getting up twice in the night didn't help.  He now has a habit of taking a torch with him (why when he can put the lights on), and going hunting for slugs every time he gets up to go to the bathroom, then sprinkles them with salt before returning to the bedroom. 

Anyway, managed to grab about 3 hours sleep before getting up this morning, and as it was a Norma the Hair day, have only now got myself in front of the computer. 

My written list has proved to me (and I hope would have proved to you if you'd been able to see it) that from today I'm going to be rather busy, in fact very busy, so do hope you won't mind if I now take Thursday, Friday and Saturday off from writing my blog, so that I can then move straight into the kitchen, roll up my sleeves and get a lot of the work done while I feel at my best.   Then I hope to have a chance to relax later in the afternoon and later still will try to have an earlier than usual bedtime.

This afternoon one of the 'catering committee' members is bringing the wine glasses for me to fill with the Strawberries and 'Champagne' Jellies.  These will be made Thursday, chilled in the fridge to set, then B will take them to the club on Friday where they will be kept in a cool room until Saturday.  That'll be one thing out of the way.

Now have to go and start working my way down 'what to do on Wednesday', and if lucky might even be able to tackle one of the things on Thursday's list.  Friday and Saturday lists are lengthy and am just hoping I'll get it all done and dusted in time.  

Thanks for comments.  If I put an empty box in the freezer Les (to fill a gap so B can't use it for his ice-cream), I'll probably forget there is nothing in the box. 

Think we all have times when we are accident prone Jane, so it's always wise to take care when we have a lot on our minds.  I'm now finding that I'm making mistakes when weighing out ingredients, especially when I'm making half of a recipe then forgetting to reduce some of the amounts by half and using all the recipe says.  Did that yesterday, and one of the reasons I feel I need to allow myself a little more time and try not to do so much multi-tasking.

So this is me having a bit of a 'holiday' from blogging until Sunday when I will return to my seat and tell you everything that has occurred between now and then.  Will still take photos, but am not sure if the comp will accept them.  Cross that bridge when I come to it.

The sun is shining today, and on our Acer (Japanese maple ?) as I write.  Although the leaves of this tree (more a bush than a tree) are mahogany red all the time, they seem to have become much richer in colour over the last few days, tending to look more 'coppery'.  Looks lovely against the backdrop of the green holly bush and Cordylinethat grow behind the Acer.

With very cold weather expected this Friday onwards, and the clocks going back at the weekend, this really will seem to feel as though winter won't be far behind.  A couple of days rest then have to start baking again for the Hallow'een 'Trick or Treat' callers.   Practically all adults I know wish this 'event' had never taken root here.   We get sick of the constant knocking on the door during the evening.   Probably we don't like this custom because we already will be preparing for our own Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire night a few days later (on Nov. 5th) and see no reason to have two 'celebrations' in one week.  Of course the stores just LOVE any reason to get more money from our pockets, so plenty of both Hallow'een and Guy Fawkes 'bits and bobs' (and foodie things) filling up the aisles in supermarkets and corner shops etc.   So can't blame the children for wanting to have fun.

Right - that's it until Sunday.  Feel free to send in comments although can't promise I'll be reading any until 'after the event'.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, think I might need your virtual support over the next few days.   See you Sunday.