Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy Day...

Managed to bake two batches of scones this morning for the club, then texted Gill to say I was free for her to phone me if she wished.  Unfortunately she didn't pick up the text for half an hour, so this delayed the writing of my blog.

Looks like being a busy day today as am taking the opportunity to have a good clear up whilst B is at the club (he doesn't like me tidying up when he is in the room).   Also have to do some stock-taking of my larder as was rather shocked to find I have less than half a bag of self-raising flour left (fortunately enough for the scones), although I do have three unopened bags of plain flour - so can always add raising agent to make my own s/r.  What else am I running out of?

Lots of empty spaces on shelves now, and the last jar of home-made jam went to the club for them to put on the scones.  Short on marmalade too, so looks like I'll soon be needing to make a lot more jam and marmalade to make sure I have enough for B for the next six months.   

Strange how my U-turn to buying and eating mainly fresh foods has made me change from feverishly keeping my larder shelves full and almost groaning with the weight, and now hardly turn a hair when one shelf is half empty.  Even so - still plenty of stores left to use up (otherwise the food will be more than past its best-before date), and today really have to review the situation as to whether I need to buy much more at all over the next few months.

Not only that, have also the check the contents of the freezer drawers as my recent order from D.R. has not been entered in my 'freezer book'.  In the chest freezer try to keep a drawer holding just fish, another chicken, and a further drawer with beef.  The lower, smaller drawer, holds pastry, berry fruits, etc.   In 'Boris' (where there are two drawers and three open shelves) I store lamb (mince, diced, liver and kidneys), and pork, and on the shelves are frozen veg, and lots of containers holding home-cooked meat and ready-meals. 
But recently, anything that has needed to go into the freezer/s just gets shoved in where there is a gap, whether the right drawer/shelf or not.  So really need to get that sorted today as well.

Have placed an order for a veggie and fruit box again this week.  It's been over a month since the last one, this means my budget has kept well within its limit.  As it is a medium veg box I'm having this week, this should see me through until nearly Christmas when I will probably be ordering another to last me well into the new year, mainly because this seasonal produce has a naturally long storage time which I find very useful.  Good old Mother Nature, she provides what we need, when we need it the most, and provides food that can be stored for weeks during through the long winter months. Unlike summer salads etc, that have quite a short shelf life (although iceberg lettuce does keep well in the fridge).

Did make a big panful of popcorn yesterday, and don't think it really needed two tblsp of oil, one would have been enough for the intial 'popping' (I used 4 oz popping corn).  After tossing in the butter/sugar/syrup, then baking for 10 mins (150C), the corn was left to get cold, by which time it had become really crispy.   Could have bagged it up to send to the 'fayre', but instead let B have a nibble, and he said it was absolutely gorgeous (it was 'cos I had some too).  B worked his way through a whole baking-trayful yesterday evening, but there is a second trayful (now bagged up), that he can have as well (preferably not today - he must learn not to be so greedy! Mind you, I'm as bad - give me a bag of Werthers Original and I could eat the lot in one evening - and sometimes do!).

So - aiming to be good - I'm now off to make myself a cup of coffee.  At least I've done all the washing up, so now have just the 'stock-taking' to do, and plan B's supper.  Will try and fit in a few minutes sit down with the Sunday Paper and supplement.  Then up again to the kitchen.

What began as a lovely sunny day with no clouds, is now changing to an overcast sky with the sun trying to break through.  Let us hope it stays fair, as there is nothing worse than a wet weekend if we plan to venture out to find some enjoyment. 

Thankfully not a lot of  'club' cooking to do between now and mid-December when the club have their Christmas Party.  Although, having said that, there is the dinner here for the 'catering committee' (the idea being we discuss what food should be served at the Christmas Party), so I have this meal to also plan (and cook). 
Almost forgot that our own Christmas 'fare' should be considered.  As far as I know we are having the main meal at our daughters, so it is mainly things like mince pies, and 'treats' for B (and of course myself), that will need to be made, but no need to think about that for a couple of weeks as least (I breathe a sigh of relief). 

Must stop rambling and start doing the 'chores' I've set myself today.  Hope you all have a restful Sunday, and hope you will be back with me again tomorrow.  See you then.