Friday, November 16, 2012

Under the Weather

Got up this morning feeling a bit poorly.  Not sure why, but feel almost as though I'm going to come down with 'flu (unlikely as I've only recently had the 'flu jab).  All I want to do is go back to bed, or at least tuck myself up in my chair, so today am just going to reply to comments, and then have a sit down in the still warm room (heating goes off at 9.00am) and see if I can sleep it off (or I might go back to bed).

Thanks to Les and Alison for telling us about the 'slanket'.  I do have one of those big 'robes' that are full length and have sleeves, this worn like a coat but back to front.  Trouble is with anything long, more than once I have tripped myself up, so doubt the 'Slanket' would be right for me.  At my age can't afford to fall and break a bone (or worst a hip)!

The 'static' exercises mentioned by Alison do work,  I often do the same thing, and like most forms of exercise, anything that gets the heart beating a bit faster, getting the blood flowing through our veins, always makes us warmer.   Like Eileen I regularly do the foot exercises whilst sitting in my chair.  These I was shown how to do when the fluid built up in my legs when I had cellulitis.  Although - being chair-bound at that time , and it took several hours of intermittent foot 'wiggling' -, there was a very visible improvement.

As mentioned last winter, the floor temperature of rooms heated by central heating radiatores is less than that a foot higher, as warm air rises.  Having high ceilings where we live doesn't help, as it is several degrees warmer at ceiling level than at the floor (perhaps I should role-play 'bats' and hang from the light fitting).  So now I put my feet up on a pouffe, and that helps to keep my toes warmer.  Wearing bedsocks too makes a great difference.

As long as we can keep our head, shoulders, hands and feet warm, then usually the rest of us warms up.  A warm (not hot) 'hottie' placed in the small of my back is also another good way to keep my 'inner glow', and the hot-water bottle then seems to be able to keep much of its heat for hours due to my own body heat keeping it 'warmed up'.  If I leave the chair for more than a couple of minutes, the bottle then rapidly cools down.   It just shows how much heat our body gives off during the day, and why we need warming foods as 'fuel' to keep our 'fires' burning.

Those of us who still have a real fire in their grate will know that we can 'damp it down' by piling on 'slack' at night, so that the fire burns slowly overnight, and then give it a rake next morning to open up access to the air, and then the fire begins to burn brightly again. 
Suppose this is why our bodies 'warm up' when we take exercise, especially when outdoors, as we then breathe more heavily, taking in more of the oxygen that helps the 'burn'.   I often wonder if I stood at an open window, taking in deep breaths for (say) 10 minutes, whether I too would 'warm up'.  Maybe this could be an easy way to 'burn off' surplus calories.  Must try it some time.  But not today. 

Forgive me for not writing more, but really do want to go and see if I can overcome this feeling of impending 'flu.  Have had it before, and because of the 'jab', it does seem to subside within a few hours.  Let us hope this is the case today.

Unfortunately forgot to watch 'Superscrimpers' yesterday, and apparently it was all about reducing a food budget, but it was probably a repeat of something they showed before, and anyway, think most of us by now know how to spend lees on food.

One 'economy' I find is a bit pointless (at least to me), that is the way they demonstrate to people how to make their own 'take-away' instead of buying it ready-prepared (or having it delivered).  The whole point of having a 'take-away' (at least for me) is the meal is made FOR me, and not BY me.  A real treat as so far my Beloved has managed to cook only enough for himself on the rare occasions he makes his own supper.  Am sure he believes it saves me 'bothering' to have to cook for him, but I still have to get myself something to eat.  

Anyway, that's it for today, and not yet 9.00am.  Hope to be fighting fit again tomorrow, and see you then.