Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take a Good(e) Look

This photo shows
the 'harvest' gleaned
yesterday. Not a lot, but
each day there is more
and these eke out food
bought, so money saved.
The apple was a falling.
The courgettes,
raspberries and toms
were picked when
wandering round the

Most of the above have the same amount that can be picked every two or three days, so a regular (but seasonal) supply at the moment. Some of the tomatoes were still green as a truss broke from the vine, but will ripen as long as kept with the red. By the way - ate six red ripe tomatoes BEFORE taking the photo, so visualise more. Have to say though, they were not as sweet as expected, possibly the wrong variety, but being a 'tumbler' tomato, there seem to he loads more still on the bush waiting to ripen. All we need is the sun.