Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Starts Here

Well, this week went quickly. Today will have a quick check of the larder to find out whether there will be a need to bring in a few provisions or whether we can still manage on what there is. There is certainly enough in the kitchen to keep us fed and watered for many days yet, a lot depends upon whether B will miss his 'treats' (double cream etc) too much. Is it worth him being miserable just because I wish to prove a point?

Yesterday, as B was going out to the social (sailing) club at 9.00pm, and able to eat something there if he wished, he 'made do' with scrambled eggs on toast for his supper, and also ate the larger of the two trifles made for him earlier that day made with canned fruit cocktail, sponge cake, jelly etc. Not a true trifle as it didn't have any custard (or sherry), but did end up with a good helping of 'squirty' cream on top, B seemed happy with that. Still one trifle left to eat.

For my own supper, thoroughly heated the remains of the previous day's chicken casserole (B had eaten all the chicken so it was mainly sauce with carrots in it) and added some quick-cook pasta that itself had been cooked in the chicken stock made from the skin/bones left after removing the flesh from the chicken quarter. As the pasta took up most of the stock, tipped the lot into the pan of sauce and simmered down until thickened again. This made a really good supper for me.

It was quite amusing when I began to eat. The food was very hot, so I blew on the spoonful before putting it into my mouth (as you do), and this made the piece of penne lying on top turn into a 'pan pipe' for as I blew across the diagonal end of, it played a note. So spent a happy few minutes blowing on quite a few spoonfuls to see if I could 'play a tune'. "Little things please little minds" do I hear you say?

Today will probably serve Beloved the satay sauce (from a batch made last week and frozen) adding the jumbo prawns from the freezer (that were bought on offer), and served with boiled rice. Think he will enjoy that.

Thanks for your comments. My Beloved does not wear after-shave Catherine D, as he has a beard and moustache and it gets trimmed only occasionally, so that has to be discounted as causing my allergy. As this problem arose only after I left hospital a few years ago and having to take a goodly number of pills, it might have something to do with this, although as the allergy tends to flare up fairly regularly (like once every two weeks, sometimes only a little bit, and rarely as bad as the other day - and this in itself, find peculiar). Have noticed other things such as a rash on my wrist or arms, appearing the day before my face swells, and sometimes on the same day, and sometimes the rash without the facial swellings. Apparently this is called 'hives' and tied up with some allergies, and this can be caused by stress. Maybe B coming back made me slightly stressed - after all I had had 10 days of feeling fully relaxed.
So far this stress seems to be the only thing that is tied up with the allergy, and it probably isn't even that causing the problem.
If there is another bad reaction Ciao, will get B to take me straight to the surgery to ask for an EPI pen as you suggested - just in case. Maybe then, someone will take me seriously.

Have to say that when I read SweeterRita's recent comments about onions (just prior to my face beginning to swell), have now realised this did raise my stress levels which stayed with me after comments from readers of this site who had - it seemed - believed what they read (as did myself initially).

Thanks to Mark's checking it out the origins of the above comment, have myself taken time to checked on various other sites and it does seem this comment (on onions) - and others of a similar nature - seem to have all originated in the USA. Apparently there are many gullible people (according to B I am very gullible and often very naive at times - and tend to agree with him) who really do believe the 'facts' that arrive in their mailbox, these being nothing more than cleverly written 'urban legends' sent purely to mislead people, but who believe what they receive is true and that others should also be warned. Often these are forwarded to many people at the same time, so always wise to ignore mail that comes in with F/W in front of it. It will never be mail written personally to you.

Deliberately sending an 'urban legend' in the hope it will be believed may be fun to those who forward them, but myself feel so concerned about the problems that might be caused if any appear on this site that I am asking readers not to send any 'info' that they may have received from another source unless from an authentic (and British) publication, and even then make sure the 'facts' have been thoroughly checked.
There are very tight rules in this country as to what is safe to eat and what is safe to use as packaging and plenty has been published about this (even though we might not agree with all of it - like the suggestion of banning butter for instance), so feel we should be able to sleep safely in our beds without having to worry too much about life over here. As to what goes on in America - knowing that many manufacturers over there pull no punches when it comes manipulating facts and figures to help raise their profits - well that's another matter. Let them sort their own problems out.

Going slightly astray here - the knowledge that Kraft have bought Cadbury's is causing some national concern. Again an American conglomerate (is that the word?) that allegedly may stop marketing some Cadbury products. Why, why, why cannot we keep such a national treasure as this company to ourselves? The answer of course is money - money in the share-holders pockets, and for the purchasers it is a profitable company. It is said (again allegedly) the take-over means jobs will be lost. Kraft probably don't care, after all they are not here, they are 'over there'.
When you come to think of it, not a lot of big companies in this country ARE British owned anymore. Not even Harrods. We are a little nation, possibly of little importance to the Big Boys, and when it come to losing money we will be the first to go. So what can the future hold for us?

Sorry if I seem to have gone a bit over the top re all the above, but the integrity of this site is very important to me and feel that readers should be able to trust everything that is written not just by me, but also those who send in comments. Obviously if we hear of something that might be worth knowing about, then we can pass on the knowledge if we wish, after it has been thoroughly checked out. We should also be able to share our thoughts on certain things (as I often do) even though these may not be correct (Kraft may be a caring company for all I know).

Only fair to say that myself may have been inadvertently at fault from time to time when have quoted from newspapers who themselves give only half the facts, and not all of these have turned out to be true. But at least published in reputable papers, not from an unknown source. We should not dismiss everything we read, for much might important to us in the culinary and financial world, just as long as when we pass it on, we state where it has come from, then let readers draw their own conclusions.

Obviously it is Saturday for am in one of my serious moods again, but now that I have the above off my chest, can lower my stress levels and return to the Goode life and all its culinary peculiarities.

Tomorrow hope to be back on form, but in the interim would like to hear your views on what has been discussed today. No doubt there will be US readers feverishly making a dough dolly that looks like me (Michelin tyre man would be a good resemblance) to stick pins into it. Perhaps I am too parochial, too British, too concerned about keeping the status quo in this country to turn a blind eye to what I feel is going wrong. You tell me.
Looking forward to loadsa comments. Hope they are of a kindly nature... can do without more stress.