Thursday, September 03, 2009

:Lost Your Bottle?

Many 'leftovers' can be 'deliberate', in that extra is cooked a day (or two) previously to use in another dish. My name for leftovers is 'roll-over food', and when I use part of one uncooked ingredient in one dish and the rest in another, this I call 'jig-saw' cookery - a very economical way to cook.
Here are a few 'jig-saw' ideas:
Eggs: use yolks in one dish, whites in another.
Citrus fruit: use zest in one dish, juice in another.
Cauliflower: use florets in one dish as a vegetable, core and leaves in another (making soup).
Tomatoes: use caps and base chopped finely to add to home-made sandwich spread, inner slices for salads and sarnies.
Peas in Pods: shelled peas used as a vegetable, pea pods make soup.
Root vegetables: scrub clean and use peelings when making stock, use the rest in the normal way.
Potatoes: microwave potatoes in their skins. Use the flesh to make mashed potatoes and keep the cooked skins in the freezer to stuff for another dish, or to brush with oil cut into wedges and 'roast' in the oven to use as 'dippers' when eating hummus etc.
Bread dough: make in the normal way and each time you bake a loaf save just a little back to roll out into cylinders to bake into breadsticks. The unbaked 'breadsticks' can be frozen to be thawed and baked later, or baked in the oven with the bread (for a shorter time).
Or bake a smaller loaf and use the remaining dough to make pizza bases - these can also be frozen uncooked.

A good time to make the Christmas Cake. Feeding it regularly with a bit of booze, come December it will be scrumptious.