Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Do you throw away all your out-of-date items away from your fridge ? Or are you more selective? Myself rarely discard when the 'use-by' date has arrived. In fact a couple of days ago started a new pack of sliced, smoked, streaky bacon that had a date that ran out two weeks ago. Still perfect. Once the pack is opened, the bacon then tends to dry out rather than go off, perhaps lasts longer due to the smoking. Butcher's or other bacon sold in slices unpacked does not keep as well.

Yogurts, creme fraiche, even fresh cream when unopened keep longer than the date shown. and after opening (lid placed back on) still holds up well, but then rely on the 'sniff and test' to find out if still usable. Eggs keep for months. Fats also.
Have noticed that on one of B's meat pies the date on it was shown as a dual "display until/use by", so that seems to give the impression that it is would be unfit to eat after the last day it has been on the shelf. and this has to be nonsense. There is always a safety margin when it comes to 'use-by' foods, for much depends upon how quickly it is taken from a chilled shelf in the shop to the chilled shelf in the fridge. Left in a hot car all day it wouldn't keep too well, and this has to be allowed for.