Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Little of What We Fancy....

Many thanks for your comments.  It's been really interesting seeing the fruits and veggies chosen by readers (Margie's being the latest).  Les mentioned canned potatoes being cheaper than the fresh and although I do prefer the fresh spuds, always keep a can of new potatoes in the larder as, once heated they make a good mash( or 'crushed' potatoes) to be fried in a pan.  Not so good when roasted, but certainly work well cold-from-the can when chopped with onion and mayo to make potato salad.

Unfortunately potatoes don't count as a vegetable in the 'five/seven a day' (classed as carbohydrate), and not sure Les that you are right when you say eating something twice a day can then be counted as twice the number.  I have read (as Eileen mentioned) that if we eat the same more than once a day, it can still be counted as only one.  For those who really can't be fussed about numbers (and I may have mentioned this before), if we eat half a can of baked beans that counts as one, but the tomato sauce the beans are baked in also counts as another.  One small banana counts as one, a large banana counts as two.  So if we have half a can of baked beans with the sauce AND one large banana, already we have had four of our five/seven.

Although this sudden urge to get us to eat more fresh veggies and fruit does make us stop and review the way we eat, my mind then takes me back to wartime when all these fresh foods were in very short supply, and we would be lucky to get three a day (probably potatoes - which don't count - and carrots plus a green veg) for many years, yet apparently it didn't do us any harm.

Before commercial growing of vegetables, the only fresh (growing) green veg available in the winter months was - I believe - kale (or something similar).   Suppose it was the root veg and the dried fruits/nuts that would make up the shortfall.

More and more I just wish we could get on with our lives without feeling we're doing all the wrong things when it comes to the foods we eat (they keep changing their mind about these anyway). Just as long as we are given the info, they don't have to keep harping on it.  It's us to decide what we wish to eat, not be almost forced to eat what we are told.  It hasn't gone that far yet, but I can see it moving in that direction.   With the possibility of tax being put on sugar, that means all the jams, marmalade, cakes, biscuits, sweets etc will go up in price,  healthwise not a bad thing I suppose, but does it have to be like that?

Logging onto the Tesco grocery site I notice they have now removed the 'offer between set dates' with the Hovis bread, but still there is no mention of the half-dozen free-range medium eggs for £1, only the large at £1.30.  If still not corrected, will get in touch with the rep again to find out the cause.  I do know some of the branches don't stock some products that other regional branches do, but they ALL sell eggs.

Interesting comment from Paid in Chickens about how it took four council departments to work out which should be the one to clear up some rubbish - and none of them did until the local people moved it to an area they couldn't argue over.  It's amazing how often people are told to contact someone about something, then they say 'its the wrong department', giving a phone number for the 'correct one', and when this is contacted, they are referred back to the original.  It can carry on like that for days, no-one taking any responsibility.

Thank both to Carol and Christine for the mention/cooking of Kohlrabi.  Am hoping that we will have one in our veggie box as I'd like to try it.

Whatever the time/day the blog shows, it is after midnight and now Monday.  A busy seven days for me this coming week, so I need my sleep.  Will be back again this time tomorrow.  Hope you all had a good weekend.  We have had light rain, but it has cleared the skies over most of the country and we can all breathe again without wheezing.  Although the smog not really noticeable here in Morecambe, have noticed my eyes have been feeling sore/scratchy, and I have been sneezing.  Much better now.
And that's it for today.  TTFN.