Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not One of My Best Days

So it was Wednesday yesterday, giving me today to write another blog which will be shorter as had a bad allergy attack that began around midnight, discovered slightly too late for the treble dose of anti-histamines then taken to hold it back.  After a night of bad dreams, woke to find my face completely swollen up to the eyes with trout lips, the lot.  Can't eat, can't drink, can barely speak.  Really don't feel like writing today, so hope you will forgive me.  Can't take more pills yet, so it will be several hours before the swelling recedes (can only drink through a straw anyway).

At least did enjoy the men's curling yesterday,  made B wait for his supper until the end of the match (he was cooking his own stir-fry by needed me to prepare some of the veggies first, one day he'll grow up and be able to do some of the prep himself). 

The curling match was so close had to wait for the last stone to settle before the winning team could be announced - this being Britain, so now we are in the final and guaranteed a gold or silver medal.  Sadly the women's team didn't fare so well, losing their semi-final match, but at least have a play-off with the other losers, so could well bring home the bronze.

For my own supper yesterday had salad with some Morecambe Bay shrimps that I'd bought as a treat for myself from the Smokehouse at Glasson some months back, and being frozen they were still in their use-by date, Once thawed added them to my salad, with a dressing made from mayo and Thai sweet Chilli sauce.   Now it could be I've suddenly become allergic to these particular shrimps (although seem to be able to eat prawns OK), or it could be the chilli sauce as although have had no problem with other brands before However this bottle was on offer this week at Lidl so asked B to bring me one. 
As my last major outbreak (full facial swelling) happened after we'd eaten a meal at a local Chinese restaurant, it could be MSG or something used that is causing this.  Have eaten there before with no problem, but not always the same dishes, and as it was a family gathering and everyone sampled each other's choice, it could be one (or more) contained an ingredient that I am allergic to.   Just have to wait and maybe try the sauce again in a couple or so weeks and if it happens again, will have discovered at least one cause (am sure there are several).  At least, since the doctor removed one of my pills from my prescription (that he said would cause this allergy), the attacks have been far less, and any I have had barely noticeable.

Thanks to Grub-lover, T.Mills, and Treaders, for their comments. And to Eileen would suggest she tries freezing surplus olives, either drained or with a little added oil (the oil can be used for cooking after thawing).

Was feeling a bit cross with myself yesterday. Why is it that every other blog looks so professional, with loads of photos, and mine is just boring print? At least did put up photos once, but my camera has not yet been returned after being taken for repair, and not sure whether to buy another.  It would only be for taking photos for this blog, and cameras that take good pictures in close-up are very expensive.  Do know that the top of the range mobile phones can be used to take photos and also used for sending the printed word, but these also cost a fortune.  My mobile is one of the cheaper ones, takes no photos, and is pay as you go (£10 lasts me for months). Never use it for direct phoning (more expensive than a land line - that we need for the computer anyway), so just for receiving calls and texting when necessary (not for chatting).

I've such admiration for people who I've read about that manage to blog without even having a computer (or are not able to afford such a useful mobile).  So we should give thanks to local libraries that have computers that people can use for free (are they free?).  And they are thinking about closing libraries down now that we can read books on Kindle/tablets.  Give me a proper book that I can curl up with to have a good read.  We need libraries.  Let's make sure they stay.
But when it comes to some things, young minds are better at sussing out technology than old ones and can do a lot with it.  Me, I can barely work this computer and have been 'comping' now for about 10 years.

At least it made me think about past photos I've taken and still stored on this comp.  Maybe worth showing one or two again.  Would readers be interested?

That's it for today.  No blog tomorrow, but should be back with you again on Saturday.  TTFN.