Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grabbing the Moment

Norma was late arriving this morning, and I'm expecting a delivery between 11.00am and noon, so have just half a hour to catch up with the Goode life and even though I could have saved it until tomorrow, I just enjoy chatting to you. 

As it was such a beautiful morning yesterday, as soon as I'd published my blog, I put on my cardigan, jumped onto Norris' lap and scooted off down to the shopping parade (called 'the Crescent, because it's crescent shaped).   Just as I reached the corner came to some scaffolding put across the pavement (a building was being repainted), normally the scooter and pedestrians can walk under scaffolding, but the painter had put all his equipment underneath, and had put cones on the road to prevent cars parking, to allow pedestrians to walk round. 
Unfortunately the kerb was deep at that point, and no way could I get my scooter onto the road as it had to face square-on to the kerb to get down without falling over, and the gap left wasn't wide enough for me to turn once I had got the scooter onto the road.   This meant I had to reverse back down a long stretch, cars parked all the way down, until I reached the end where the pavement had been lowered level with the road, I was then able to cross over to a matching level bit of path (these are made specially flat for those who use scooters, this being a 'retirement area'. 

For once I was not bothered, it was far too lovely a day for me to be annoyed with anything.  So off I scooted down to almost the end of the Crescent - the view across the Bay was again as clear as a bell and wonderful to see - and stopped at the florists to order bedding plants (geraniums, lobelia, a couple of long-lasting chrysanthemums, a couple of lavender bushes, and something else I've forgotten.  These will be delivered either today or tomorrow, so will then be able to get my containers into 'summer dress',  a month later than normal due to the bad weather we had in the spring.

Crossing over to the other side of the shopping parade noticed a new shop had opened ( it was another florists, exactly opposite the one I'd just been to).  What's the betting that will have closed within the year, as many of the newly opened shops seem to be doing.   With a small, almost 'village' community that we have in Bare, expect that people with stick with the shopkeepers they are used to, not jump ship and move to a competitor at has suddenly appeared.  But then can only speak for myself, I tend to be fairly loyal when it comes to 'shopping'.  

There was a time I almost moved from Tesco to Morrison's, but as M's has recently moved all its products around I don't even want to try and play 'hunt the Beanfeasts' (AGAIN!!!).  Even my B is moaning about how long it takes to find things when he goes to M's.   So today I'm waiting for a Tesco home delivery.  Since I gave them my mobile number they text me to let me know what time they will be delivering.  I'd booked a slot 11.00 - 13.00 hours but have heard they will be coming between 11.00 and noon.  Knowing this does help me.

Just time for me to reply to Noor's comment.  Thanks for your input re sushi, Noor.  I especially liked knowing the different names of some of them.  Will be making some of those you make for yourself.  Also useful is the list of prices of some of the ingredients used.  When I have a moment I will compare these with those in the UK.
I've still not got around to making sushi, but fully intend to before the week is out, and am pretty sure that it will be possible to make at least 50 (probably a lot more) for far less than the cost of the 11 that I bought for £4.

With a couple of spare minutes before I sign off, would like to mention the cheese scones I made recently.  Because I was going to add grated cheese (that needed using up) decided there was no need to use butter/marg, so ended up just mixing the cheese, s.r.flour, and some raising agent together with a pinch of salt.  Made up with milk then cut into scones, more cheese sprinkled on top and baked in the normal way they were light and well-shaped (for once), but very bland.
Yesterday I made another batch but added some pepper and a teaspoon of mustard beaten in with the milk, plus a small egg.  These were MUCH tastier, and I was really pleased with them.  The weights were a bit hit and miss but using 8 oz (225g) s.r.flour (to which I added a level tsp each of baking powder and bicarb), 4 oz (100g) grated cheese (some of this saved to sprinkle on the top), salt and pepper to taste, one small egg and approx 3 tblsp milk, that's all that was needed.  Oven temp was my favourite (180C, gas 4) and baked them for about 12 minutes, leaving them on the baking tray to cool for about 5 minutes before putting them onto the cake airer.

Time for me to go.  Have a coffee morning tomorrow, but not until 11.00am so will have time to have a chat with you before I 'chat' for real.   Hope you will be free to join me (even if only virtually) TTFN.