Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fallen Idols...

Main topic of conversation this week has been the political life, and death of Margaret Thatcher, and it is very sad to hear how quite a number of people have been rubbing their hands with glee over her demise.  Like Marmite, you either loved our first lady Prime Minister, or hated her.  Anti=Thatcher demonstrations are being planned to disrupt the funeral procession, and the strange thing is that although Winston Churchill was put on a pedestal, during the war he did a lot worse things than did Margaret Thatcher.  Not a lot of people know this, but these are on record.  In respect to this still great man I say no more, but 'let him cast the first stone' I say when it comes to Mrs. Thatcher.

As B says, when Labour 'was in', many more coal mines were closed than done by Mrs. T., and also Union Leaders had control over whether there were strikes etc, whether most of the workers wanted to or not.  And strikes there were under Labour.  Many of them.  Mrs. T. ruled that to strike, first there had to be a ballot, and only if 50% of the workers agreed, then a strike could be called.  To me that means the working people were at last able to have their say, not be forced into striking by their 'leaders' when they really didn't wish to.  But people forget 'little things' like that.

Under Mrs. T, council houses were also able to be bought by their tenants, at a much lower price than a similar property sold on the open market.  Many were bought, but only this week heard a man (on the radio) bleating that this wasn't any help as he couldn't (now) afford to keep it maintained, and it had decreased in value over the past few years (as has every property - but even so would fetch more than he paid for it)
The blame for the Hillsborough tragedy is being put on Mrs. M's back, but the responsibility for that lay fairly and squarely with the police commissioner who has recently accepted this and resigned, but do the public want to know that.  No! Blame Mrs. T.  Blame her for everything. 

If Baroness Thatcher had been a man, everyone would have been silent, "he was just doing his job' would be said and "as efficiently as Winston Churchill during the war years". Ignoring what he really did. 
Margaret Thatcher, as Prime Minister did not sit comforatbly on the shoulders of both male politicians, and male members of the public.  Because she was a woman.  My B resigned from a job because he had a woman boss who 'told him what to do' (when, being B, he wanted to do it HIS way - even though this was not the right way.  I get this here all the time!!!).  Men have to still be 'the leaders'. 

Another gripe continually being aired is the cost of the above mentioned funeral. Think 10 million might have been the figure quoted (I could be wrong).  But as stated by a politician on the radio, much of this is estimated to be the cost of using the police, soldiers, and other council workers on that day, but as this would  working anyway, would have still have been paid, it doesn't mean it has to cost MORE.
What was also mentioned was that is has cost us that same figure (millions of £££s) to keep that Muslim radical (the one with the beard) in prison when he should have been deported ages ago (but keeps appealing against it).  Haven't heard as many people complaining against that.  But then the scenario is much the same.  How are the costs worked out?  Other than the cost of food (hardly running into thousands), the 'costings' seem to cover warder's salary (who would be working there anyway), the 'overheads' (ditto), and just about everything else.

I get the same feeling when I hear about the prices charged for people living in care homes.  This can be up to (and maybe more) £500 a week.   It could well be explained that this could be proved a necessary expense when broken down into paying for nurses 'on call', cleaners, laundering done, and 'chefs' and kitchen staff etc. Plus heating, TV and 'rental' of a room.  If we had to pay for these 'services' individually (as if from home) it could cost that much, but as we all know, the more people there are, the cheaper it is to supply the same for each, as they all 'share'.  No-one has a personal nurse at a care home, her wage is paid for/shared by all the 'residents'. As with everything else.

I've known couples who ran/owned care homes, they began with one, and several ended up with four or more after a few years, then took early retirement with a very healthy bank balance.  True, there are many very good care homes, but are run as a 'business' and profits have to be made.  Am sure, if an elderly person was in good health, it would be cheaper to have an arrangement with a hotel to live there as a permanent guest and it would work out cheaper than a 'care home'.

I worry too about North Korea.  B saw a picture of a N.K soldier, a female who wore a very strange (military) helmet on her head.  But also wore stiletto shoes!  Thankfully China has joined with the other major countries in opposing the 'suggested' missiles aimed by N.K. at who knows where. 
Doubt very much there is any danger anyway, as Kim what-ever-his-name  is acting like a big kid  enjoying his 'fifteen minutes of fame' as he has, all by himself, made the world leaders sit up and realise he is a 'force to be reckoned with'.  Just bluff and bluster.   But we will have to wait and see.

What's the point off concerning myself with affairs of state (and world) that I can do nothing about? Might as well keep my head down and get on with life in my own (fairly safe so far) four walls.

Sorry to hear about Dolly's 'shaking-head' syndrome Kathryn, does this happen when she is cantering along? Or only at certain times.  One good thing about just 'having a hack' is that this is far more relaxing than any dressage, and - on a good weather day - is just about the best thing to do, ever!
Unfortunately today has turned (as forecast) very windy, with fine rain now and again.  So no sailing (again!). B doesn't really mind as there is a footie match on this afternoon he wants to watch and wouldn't have been back in time had sailing not been cancelled.
Myself want to get this blog published by 11.30am today as must watch the repeat of Paul H's Bread programme (just to see him, not what he is baking).  

Envy you your high temperatures Pam, but even that might be a mite too hot for us Brits. We expect that at the height of summer, not this time of year, so does that mean your summers will be even hotter?

Enjoy your trip to the kitchen shop Eileen, not sure of its name, but on their trade card it says 'The Bay Cookshop', and also 'Health and Flavour', but am sure you will find the shop easily.  Just seen (on their card) there are details of a website that I haven't yet looked at, will do so when I have time.

This week am hoping to keep to eating just protein (plus fruit and veggies/salads) as I really MUST lose a goodly number of lbs.  Recently have been eating more carbohydrates (potatoes, bread, pasta) and these ALWAYS pile the lbs back on again.  I should know better, but in a way find these are 'comfort foods', and like sweet things, once started eating them, want to continue eating.  Eating protein has the opposite effect as these are very 'satisfying', and give me no urge to want to go back and get myself another helping.

Will take my leave of you now as have a few things I hope to get done before Paul H sends me into thoughts I'd better not share, but back again tomorrow when I hope to be in a less critical frame of mind.  Hope you will be able to 'pop in' for our usual 'natter'.  See you then.