Thursday, February 14, 2013

Too Little Time...

It's one of those days.  One thing after another has kept me from the comp. and when I did eventually sit down to begin blogging, the comp played up.  Taken me nearly 45 minutes to 'wake up'.   As have so much planned to do today (because B is away 'extra-ing'), hope you will all forgive me if I take time off and miss having a chat with you today.

Thanks for the emails that I was able to read, and have written down notes to reply to them tomorrow (computer permitting). 

As expected the snow had disappeared by early afternoon, and yesterday remained dry, it was as though it had never happened, although heard on the news there were road problems between York and Hull where that been heavier falls of snow.   Today is wall to wall sunshine, and hopefully we are back on track for spring-like conditions.  Can't wait to see our front garden full of bluebells again. It's almost as good as walking through the woods.

Hope all my lady readers will be cosseted by their menfolk today being St. Valentine's, and then perhaps you will do a bit of 'spoiling' in return by serving up your 'partners' a memorable meal. 
Not sure what time B will be returning today, he had to be in Lancaster between 5 - 5.30am to catch the 'extras' coach to take them first to Barrow, and then not sure where.   Could be a long day, or they may finish after lunch and return back to Lancaster late afternoon.  Let us hope with breakfast and lunch provided by the caterers, he won't feel like eating much supper. 

Absolutely MUST close now, as no guarantee this will publish immediately.  Once the comp plays up, it can be as stubborn as a mule.  Until tomorrow...TTFN.