Sunday, October 07, 2012

Time Waits for No Man...

Short blog today as am mega-busy.  Yesterday decided to sort through the mound of recent and older (and much older) cookery mags/brochures etc. that I always keep but rarely refer to.   Similar to cook books there is usually one (maybe two) recipes in these that I think are worth trying, the rest are just variations of the same old things (like spag.bol!!).

Began sorting as soon as I'd published yesterday's blog (around 10.30 was it?) and was still working through then (reading every page to make sure I  hadn't missed something 'useful' then if I had, tearing out the page/s to keep, throwing the mag on the floor for B to take later to the tip).  It was 5.30pm before B called me to say he was going to fetch me a Chinese take-away, and so decided then to leave the rest until today (and still have loads more to sort through).

What I did find a bit disturbing is that the most recent mags are now many giving repeat recipes (exactly the same with the same photos) as those printed several years ago.  This just goes to show that they have run out of ideas and there is 'nothing new under the sun' when it comes to meals to make.  "what" I thought "is the point of continuing to buy these mags when all that happens is I'm just getting the same repeated over and over again".  And I do mean more than once for I found the same recipe in three different mags (all published by Good Food mag), and that happened too often for my liking.

I've now got the go-ahead for the sailing club 'Gourmet Buffet' and just have to finalise details.  They expect 50, and so working on the fact that 10 canapes would be eaten by one person during one 'session', that would mean me making 500 canapes.  So am hoping that it won't be all canapes, and that there will at least be something more substantial for them to eat.  Then I can reduce it to four canapes per head (even that is 200!!!).  Still, not really a problem as long as I get myself organised.

Thanks for your comments.   I had searched for and found a gluten free fruit cake recipe for you Lisa, and was about to publish it for you today, but see that Les has jumped the gun and given his version for you, so there is now no need for mine.
It was interesting to read about the various cakes that are 'traditional' in the US around Christmas time. Also good to hear about the 'foodies' you give as gifts.  All people love to receive something home-made that is edible as it's always so much better than anything similar bought over the counter.

As soon as Gill's phone call is over, then I'm back to the table to try and sort out the rest of the mags/papers.  Then I have to collect up all the pages I've torn out and file them away so I know what and where they are.  At least I've been keeping the recipes in some order:  a pile of recipes for 'baking',  a big pile for 'party food/canapes' (most important at the moment), a pile 'to try as soon as possible', and of course 'savouries' (sub-divided).  Plus one 'that blog readers will find interesting'.

Also today have to finish planting up the hyacinth bulbs that need to be forced in the hope they will flower around Christmas (or soon after).  The planting has been staggered so that the flowering time will cover several weeks, but unlike the dozen I normally buy, B came home with a big bagful so the house should be filled with the lovely scent for weeks.  Don't think B cares for that particular perfume, but I love it.

Watched 'Strictly' last night, although not really interested in it. The sooner Jerry Hall gets booted off the better, she did nothing but pose with hardly any dance steps at all.  Wished I'd watched the Friday one with Victoria Pendleton, but as Campfire mentioned, she was not that good.  However nobody expects anything for the first time on the floor, so we'll have to see what happens in later weeks.  
The surprise (well, perhaps not) dance was from Lisa Riley who really let rip, and she was 'flippin brilliant.  If she can keep that up, then let us hope she stays to the end - and maybe she might even win!  If anyone is guaranteed to keep me watching, it will be Lisa.  The rest are of little importance.

Sorry you won't be cycling 'alonga' Victoria P. Campfire, but maybe you will be there to see part of the action. What was the 'Manx disaster' you mentioned. Must have missed hearing about that.

Sorry folks, it'll shortly be 9.00am and Gill is very prompt, so want to get this edited and published before she calls.  Hope to meet up with you again tomorrow when I should be able to spend a little more time with you.  See you then.