Saturday, August 18, 2012

Change of Plan

Had a few hiccups this week when it came to my baking session. Beloved had to stay over in Manchester as he was picking up our daughter at the airport only her flight couldn't take off, so delayed overnight, more delay with flight but eventually he arrived back home early Thursday evening.
By then I'd managed to get some sugar from the very top shelf (using a long-handled 'grabber' that me elderly people can pick things up with), so the jam and marmalade was made.
Then discovered I needed more cheese, cream, eggs etc, so was planning to go to Morrison's for these on Thursday a.m, but had to leave it until Friday.

Managed to bake the meringues (these now frozen), also do the meringue nests (keeping crisp in airtight containers), all needed to be done yesterday evening were five large quiches, and was waiting for B to leave for the club (taking the jams and preserves with him), and then I would make a start.
Had grated the cheese, laid out all the necessary ingredients, put the pastry board on the table and just about to start rolling out the pastry when my mobile rang. It was B. Apparently he had got the date wrong and 'Tea by the Sea' was to be held on Sunday instead of today.

Thankfully I hadn't started the quiches, so these will be done this evening and the scones early tomorrow. Even more thankfully was glad the mistake was the right way round, it would have been dreadful if it was a day earlier rather told than a day later.

This has given me time to relax slightly, although my face swelled up during the night and am thinking that it might be stress-related. The good thing was that I thoroughly enjoyed shopping at Morrison's yesterday even though this meant going there at 8.30am (to make sure the scooter was available). Didn't get much more than was on my list other than some oranges and a bag of small potatoes that were on a 'reduced shelf'.
The pleasure of shopping 'in-store' has made me consider doing that more often, like shopping once every two weeks instead of an on-line order once a month. Morrison's have such a wonderful selection, and the way the food is displayed with their specialised 'shops' such as a 'butcher's counter', 'bakery', 'fish shop', 'deli' etc. (All more expensive than similar products pre-wrapped on their shelves, but good to 'window shop').

Today have to try and sort out the kitchen again, nothing there seems as conveniently to hand as it could be, and so will spend today moving things around ready for the big 'quiche bake' tonight. Can also prepare the scone mix (for 50 scones) today ready to bake early tomorrow.

Forgive me if I now leave you with just replies to comments as I have 'tunnel vision' when it comes to my 'bakeathon'. Can't think of anything else but that. Tomorrow not sure if I will have time to go to Tea by the Sea (as hoped to) as B has invited our daughter back for supper, so may have to stay in and prepare that, unless I can find time today to plan for this.

Good that you were able to get the EasyYo tubs so cheaply at that second-hand market Jane. Do hope you manage to eventually get the flask to go with them.

When B used to make home-made wine he used to go to local restaurants and ask them for their empty bottles (they used to end up taking them to the bottle bank anyway, so they were given to B for free). Not sure what they do with their old corks, but am sure would save some for us if we wanted some. So you could ask around Sarina and you could collect loads of corks.

Am sure cycling will burn off loads of calories, and much cheaper to road-cycle than going to a gym and peddling away on a static cycle to burn off energy. B has a cycle, but still ends up cycling to the gym and then cycling IN the gym. Doesn't make sense to me. But the gym has other advantages like a sauna and swimming pool. But then we have the sea on our doorstep, why doesn't he swim in that?

Sorry to hear you have been having migraine again Lisa. Perhaps caused by the stormy weather. Myself get a 'thunder headache' when a storm is in the vicinity, but of course nothing as bad as migraine. Used to have migraine when a teenager (and beyond), and it was dreadful, I went almost blind seeing nothing but geometric black and white patterns in front of my eyes. Took ages for it to wear off, and it made me feel so queasy. I remember always kneeling in front of a chair and leaning forward with a big cushion over my head to cut out daylight, and stay there for ages until I began to recover. Thankfully the migraine almost disappeared by the time I was in my late twenties. Mostly it seemed triggered off by sunlight when I was sitting by a window and the sun caught my specs at a special angle.

Can't work out what 'broccolini' would look like if 'non-heading'. Thought that was what the cauliflower and broccoli (and romanesco/brocciflower) was all about. The 'heads'. Thanks Les for a link to this veg. Will try to find time to check it out.
Also 'canola oil' being mainly rapeseed oil. One of the 'better for us' oils I believe. Grapeseed oil is even better although don't often see this on sale.

Have to go now and try and get 'this weekend' off my back. Hopefully will be able to grab an hour to drop you a line tomorrow - some time before noon.

Today is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year, 88F forecast for London, Gill says the sun is shining in Leicester (she phoned me this morning instead of tomorrow), but it is very humid. Humid here also, but woke to hear the rain pouring down again. It has now stopped, but very overcast. B is out for the day at the club where they are having a 'taster day' (not food but where the public can try out sailing in dinghies), and he'll also be out all day tomorrow helping with the Tea by the Sea. Then next week hopefully back to normal.

Must remember to take my prescription into the chemist early next week due to it being Bank Holiday next weekend, just to make sure I have the medication by Friday at the latest. For some reason I can't get a repeat prescription where I just take it in and the pills are made up for me on the spot, I do have a 'scrip' but it has to be checked with the surgery each time in case an alteration has been made. This means at least a 3 day wait between taking in the 'scrip' and collecting it.

Am not sure what day it is any more due to the mix up, think it is Saturday today so hope you have all begun to have a relaxing weekend, and can find time to return tomorrow for our usual 'chat'. See you then.