Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting....

Although yesterday was a bit tongue in cheek about B spending all day watching the Olympics on TV, unfortunately (for me) this turned out to be true. He sat and watched it from the very start of the day's showing, and continuously through to just after 10.00pm when he went to bed.
Asked B if this was his plan for the whole of the Games (think this covers at least two weeks), and he said '"yes". At least there are SOME things on that are good to watch, but disappointed that Andy Murray with his brother were knocked out of the first round of the tennis. Also sorry that we didn't get anywhere in the cycle race (as we expected a gold!).

After B had gone to bed, and as I'd nodded off anyway, was able to switch over to "Dave" (channel 19 Freeview) and watch a couple of repeats of 'Gavin and Stacey'. This series has been repeated so many times that I don't now bother (although loved it), but the two yesterday were about the stag and hen parties, and G & S's wedding, two episodes that I've only seen once, first time round, so was very pleased about that. Then watched a film about Alexander the Great. This looked promising as both Anthony Hopkins and Brian Blessed appeared early on, but obviously 'cameo' roles, as mostly the other actors were unknown to me and most had an Irish accent which sort of spoiled the effect. Otherwise interesting as regards ancient history.

Next weekend will be two days of sporting events in Morecambe, the Sunday one being the Swim in the Bay (or across the Bay?), anyway the social club are expected to provide food for 500, so will hopefully be hearing soon how much they wish me to provide. At least Saturday is just a couple of cakes and some scones.

That will give me something to do while the Games are on TV, and yesterday thought that it would be a splendid time for non-sporting people to go away on holiday. Nearly thought of going away myself. But where?

As Gill will be phoning in 45 minutes, have time to write a short blog today and get it published before her call. So replies to comments first.

Several keep coming in from various 'anonymous' (as has happened today) but will not give a reply to them unless thee writer gives a name other than referring to their own blog. Generally these comments are blocked anyway by as 'spam', so if a genuine query, then please ask again and give a name. If no reference is given to your own blog, then the comment should appear for all readers to see. And for me to reply to.

Pleased you manage to watch the opening ceremony of the Games Margie, and suppose with the time difference much of what you see will have been recorded earlier to be shown during your day, but no matter, it is good to watch. Yesterday it was very 'bitty', with only some parts being shown, but as these were mostly heats, hopefully as they get closer to the finals we will see it all the way through. It is possible to watch more if we 'press the red button' on our remote, but have to re-tune the digi box to do this. As B wishes to watch everything (that he likes best) he has asked me to re-tune it today. Let us hope I don't make a mess of it and cut out some of the other channels.

Sorry you lost your comment Eileen, but good to hear from you. No doubt everyone will be watching a lot of the Games and spending less time tapping our computer keyboards, but we must try and arrange a 'get-together' once they are over (and my marathon cook-in for the club) has been done.

Still hot in your neck of the woods Lisa, and hope you soon get some rain. On a cookery prog last week the viewers were 'taken' to a glass-house where they grew cucumbers, and it was said they take only 8 weeks from sowing to harvesting. Didn't realise they grew so quickly, and - as I like cucumbers (very refreshing and low calorie), must erect my plastic greenhouse again next year and grow some myself. They need a much more humid atmosphere than do tomatoes, which is why they are not usually grown in the same green-house. Outdoor cucumbers have a lot tougher skins I believe.
My B won't eat cucumber at all. If there is a slice or two on his plate (when 'eating out') he always removes it and puts it on my plate. He says they give him wind! When we were younger the cucumbers usually did do that, but nowadays they have been bred to be 'burp free', but even so, B refuses to eat them. Not that I mind, all the more for me.

Not sure why, but the right side of my face (cheek and lips) are swelling up again. Have taken extra anti-histamines so hope this will calm it down. This often happens (but not always) when I have eaten Walker's Prawn Cocktail Crisps, so perhaps on of the 'additives/flavourings' that I'm allergic to.
Although shouldn't be eating crisps at all (I'm trying to lose weight), B will persist in bringing me a couple of packets each Saturday (my fault for not telling him to stop), and although I ask him not to bring the Prawn Cocktail ones any more, he still does. I'm quite happy with just the cheese and onion, and the salt and vinegar.

This reminds me - saw an offer in a 'flyer' that came through the door (might have been from Aldi), that was showing 'salt it yourself crisps'. As if that was new. Some half a century ago (or maybe much longer than that) we used to buy Smith's crisps that were unflavoured, but all had a tiny blue twist of paper inside the bag that contained salt, so we could untwist it and sprinkle as much or as little as we wished into the bag.
Very occasionally we would get a bag of crisps that had lots of blue bags of salt inside - some fault when packing no doubt.

I once bought a pack of Walker's crisps called 'Salt and Lineker' (Gary Lineker - very well known and respected footballer and now a TV presenter - promotes Walkers). In the bag were salt and vinegar flavoured crisps, and I found one ball of something inside that I thought was a 'Lineker', but when eating it found it to be all salt. Yuk. Another packaging error? Would have returned it (with the pack) to the manufacturers if I hadn't already chewed it.

A cloudy day yesterday but it seemed to stay fine for all the outdoor Games, and down south the sun seemed to be shining most of the time. For those watching the cycle race, this did give some good views of our English countryside around London, both at ground level as the camera-car drove along the lanes and through the towns, and also aerial views of Hampton Court and Richmond Park. I was far more interested looking at the buildings and fields than at the cyclists themselves.

Today the sky is still covered with cloud, but they are higher with many small gaps showing blue. Still quite breezy, and because the high tide is at the wrong time, there will be no sailing today, so B will settle himself down for another 13 or so hours of watching the Games. Not sure what I'll make for supper, he may wish to eat it on his lap instead of at the table.

Myself - being in the kitchen - must try and keep away from nibbling food. It is not easy when making things like biscuits, scones, cakes as tend to 'try one' just to see if it has turned out as good as hoped. Then if good, eat another, and so on.
At least have lost 1lb since yesterday, although I did succumb and make myself a chorizo and lettuce sarnie (and I was trying to avoid bread). This morning had a toasted end crust of brown bread with a banana, and if I can avoid eating any more carbos today then maybe will lose another lb by tomorrow. A pound (lb) a day lost would really be good. As would a pound (£1) a day saved by my own home-cooking efforts. A real win some, lose some, that for once works as a win-win situation.

Next week it will be August, and according to a book I was reading, this is when Autum begins in the north of Scotland. Here in Morecambe it will be mid-September, so had better make the most of the rest of our summer whilst we still have it. Or for that matter if we actually GET any.

No time for recipes as Gill will be phoning in less than 10 minutes, as now have only time to edit, spellcheck etc, and publish. Hope you all enjoy your day. TTFN.