Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Change of Life

Watching 'Turn Back Time' last night really brought back some memories. It was in the late 50's that B and I had our first home, a 'new-build' on an estate at the edge of a village in Leicestershire, and the decor in the programme was so similar to ours although at that time we were about at the level of the poorest family in the series, but even then had a TV, we didn't get one until much later. Much of our furniture was a mix of modern, home-made and 'hand-me-downs', but do remember the walls being painted in the bright colours of that time.

This was all so different from my mother's way of life - she still stuck in the 30's - and so, as with any generation - it must seem as though the next are going downhill fast. Most of our children had reached teenage years by the end of the 60's, so we were spared the 'rebellion' that seemed to spawn at that time, but did get some of it. It was not easy being a parent in those days, and keeping up with the fashion...!!! Am sure the last episode (the 70's) will be showing the wearing of 'hot-pants' for girls, and wide-bottomed jeans for lads.

As Eileen says, she remembers doing the 'sheet dance' with her mother, and the holding of hanks of wool for her mother to wind. That was almost a dance in itself, swaying the outstretched hands from side to side so the wool could be removed easily. Wish they'd shown some of that in the above programme. Lots of things would have given more of an insight into life in the 'old days', but supposed they couldn't all be fitted in. Even in the 60's I was on my hands scrubbing the kitchen floor with a scrubbing brush, and using a wet mop.

It was good to see the whistling kettle and the big fridge in one of the 60's homes for we had exactly the same models. Also the box-shaped record player (and later we had that big Kenwood Chef). How the memories flooded back. Wish I could go back to those days as they seemed so much more interesting then (although probably didn't feel like that at that time).

Yesterday sat and thought more about life today, and wonder why I do moan about it all the time, but as all older people seem to do this, and remember my parents doing the same, it's probably normal enough. Each generation lives a different sort of life. Life changes - as it should - but unfortunately not always for the better. Moaning seems to be just something we do as we grow old and remember (only) the good times in our past. Maybe if I spent less time thinking and more time 'doing' then I might be less of a waste of space.

Pleased you agree with what I said yesterday Ann (your name has not cropped up before, or certainly not recently so either Welcome to our fold, or Welcome back). Suppose if our government decided to spend its money wisely (well our money really as they get most of it from our taxes), and get this country running more profitably and more people being employed, less on warfare or space travel, then things could get a lot better. But, as B says, we then become vulnerable. With fewer soldiers etc we cannot then defend ourselves. Possibly true, but at least space-travel could be put on a back burner. Let other and more wealthy countries play about with that and (hopefully) share their discoveries.

'Twentytwelve' was - as always - very good last night. In one of the earlier episodes, some foreigners were being taken to see the Olympic village and also got 'lost in London' and spent about four hours finding the way out - exactly what happened the other day for real. Can almost believe the 'acorn' planting could actually happen. The programmes a a real hoot and certainly makes me a bit more interested in the real forthcoming events purely because I'm waiting for the next hiccup to occur. "Way to Go..."!

Although there hasn't (yet) been a mention of the 'name connection', am quite sure that some foreign visitors (coming for a holiday and planning to watch the Olympics part of the time, and arranging their own bookings/flights/hotels etc) will have already booked to stay in Stratford,. the home of Shakespeare (as ....on Avon), NOT the Stratford in London, the true Olympic venue.
Or they think Shakespeare's home was in part of London, with Shottery (Ann Hathaways' cottage) being just another stop along the Underground Jubilee line or something).

As late starting (due to Norma the Hair today), just time to give one more recipe. This was given to me by a member of B's sailing club as it is a meal that can be easily made on board. Myself never used dried onions or celery flakes although these must be on sale, however could be a very useful 'storecupboard item' for camping/caravan holidays (as well as on a boat), although no reason why we cannot adapt the recipe and include some or all fresh ingredients, but of course these may take longer. Always be sure when using raw chicken this has been thoroughly cooked through before serving.

This recipe was one made at the end of a long voyage when all fresh food had run out and the galley cook had to resort to using only the 'iron rations' (canned foods). Obviously we can adapt t
White Chilli Chicken: serves 2
1 x 425g can cannellini beans
half can mild jalapeno peppers, diced
pinch each garlic powder and black pepper
2 tblsp dried minced onions
2 tsp dried celery flakes
half tsp dried oregano
2 x 200g cans Tesco chicken
Tesco Hot Mex cheese (opt)
Put all but the chicken into a saucepan. Bring to the boil and reduce heat to a simmer. Cook for 30 - 40 minutes until the dried onions are soft and tender and the mixture is thoroughly heated. Add chicken and continue cooking until chicken is hot, but do not overcook.
If you have it add 4 oz (100g) of Tesco Hot Mex or other easy melting cheese just before serving.

As it is noon, will say my farewell for today and hope to be back at an earlier time tomorrow. See you then.