Friday, November 04, 2011


Had a problem with my Internet connection, it cut out just after I started (and didn't realise) so could not connect when it came to publish my blog, and as it wasn't saved in draft (as should have been) will now have to write it again and now don't have time other than to give a good tip from yesterday. Replies to comments will be given tomorrow.

Wanted to do fish and chips with mushy peas for B's supper yesterday. Never have had good results when making the batter using eggs, so decided to make up my version and it worked!

I put 3 heaped tablespoon of self-raising flour into a bowl with a heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (that should make it bubbly I thought). Then, when it came to the time to fry the fish (two fillets of 'white fish' - from Tesco's Value pack), blended enough of B's fizzy lemonade into the dry mix to make a very thick batter (and boy, was it foaming!).
The thickly coated fish was fried in very hot shallow fat, and whilst doing so fried a few blobs of leftover batter as a 'tester'. Turned these when they were deep golden, and - after draining on kitchen paper - ate them. They were absolutely right! Very crunchy and quite 'dry' (no soggy internal batter). The fish was turned when the underside was also deep golden and when ready also drained on kitchen paper. The small amount of batter remaining then quickly fried in small blobs to serve as 'scratchings' with the fish, oven chips and homemade mushy peas.
Have to say I was extremely pleased with the result. Real 'chip shop' type batter with not an egg needed to be used.

With that now have to get on with my own domestic duties and regretfully leave you. Hope this reaches you, and we can meet up again for a longer 'chat' tomorrow. See you then.