Saturday, August 27, 2011

So What's New?

A late start again today, so don't expect too many 'rambles' today as only just learned that our firstborn will be visiting us on Sunday, and B had told me he has 'got his days' mixed up (again!!) and will be out 'doing things' with the sailing club, today, Sunday and also Monday. Not that I mind, it is always easier to get on with things when I have the place to myself. At least B will be returning when I phone him to say our son has arrived - as this will only be a fleeting visit. Am talking the opportunity to have an extra man to help move the heavy table to the window side of the conservatory, as just B and me would find it a lot more difficult (you wouldn't believe how heavy it is).

The trade mag has arrived this morning, and after a quick flick through have decided to read it thoroughly before giving any news in depth for there seems a lot going on that we should know about. Must just mention an article that caught my eye about a new jam (and because of the ingredients am thinking that my Beloved would love it spread on toast). Called 'Bacon Jam', and made with smoked bacon, onion, coffee and whisky is said to be "more versatile than ketchup....great on toast, with cheese, as a sauce, dip or ingredient".
This jam - which sold out straight away after in-store sampling will be launched next month via the Virtual Farmers Market, which will supply stores in London. Distribution arrangements for the rest of the country are still being finalised.
Now - before we all leap to buy a jar of this Bacon Jam described as "sweet, sticky, meaty and delicious" (which am sure it is), its rsp is given as £3.79 a jar! Possibly, in London, people have more money to spend. Up north - we are a lot thriftier. But as it this jam is yet another 'new product' to appear on our shelves - and for once, something completely different, thought you might like to be one of the first to hear about it.
Rest of trade news will be given tomorrow (and as the cover gave a mention of some of the contents and the words "end of the Farmers Markets" caught my eye) feel that this week we will have been given plenty of food for thought.

To your comments....
Thanks Susan G for reminding us of the 'Open a Can Grill' recipe. Had completely forgotten about it. Scrolled down Feb. 2010 postings and discovered it was in the early days of that month (was it 3rd or 4th?). The good thing about having to start at the top of each month when clicking on Archives, is that more recipes are discovered as we scroll down to find the one we want, and have tried to keep some of the best (and cheapest) ones in, editing out the 'not so necessary'.

Hadn't heard of the prog. 'Kings of Pastry' Lizzie. Not seen it mentioned in any of the TV channels we an get (but we only have Freeview). If on a Sky channel, then wouldn't get the chance to watch it.

The cost of the lemon curd tart Woozy would be cost of pastry (if you make your own you can work that out), plus the cost of the mock lemon curd (which I estimate would be between 30p - 50p, this mainly depending upon the price of the egg used). The whole thing working out at under £1.
Yesterday saw a recipe for Lemon Tart that - after cooling - had blackberries scattered on top. then liberally sprinkled with sugar. But also liked your suggestion of sprinkling over grated chocolate.

Thanks Mark for your warning about shopping around for cheaper insurance. Gill once mentioned to me how she had received her renewal notice and saw how her car insurance had risen (as they do) and she 'shopped around' and found one much cheaper, so rang her insurance company to cancel, telling them the reason why, and they immediately reduced her insurance down to match the lower one. This just shows how much we are being 'conned' into paying more than we need to. Seems that - more than ever, during this recession - companies are desperate to keep our custom, so always worth seeing if they will do a deal before moving to pastures new.

Missed watching Jamie Oliver's programme about summer cooking Urbanfarmgirl. Think I felt it was now too late in the summer to be of much interest, and probably something on another channel at that time that we found more interesting viewing.
Yesterday watched most of 'Come Dine With Me' (this time set in Spain) due to the 'write-up' and it didn't disappoint! My goodness me, what a monster 'that' man was! Only those who viewed it will know what I mean, but hope there will be a repeat for those who missed it. Well worth watching!

In the Goode kitchen not a lot was done as I had another bout of feeling very cold, so tucked myself up under two cuddle blankets with a hot water bottle. Beloved had a corned beef omelette (his choice), so was able to make that for himself (well, he has to learn to fend for himself sooner than later, there is no guarantee I'll always be around to do it for him). Today will be having a 'cook-in' as intending to make a bulk batch of meat sauce, some of which will be used to make spag.bol or lasagne, the rest used to make a chilli con carne, and these can be boxed up into individual meals that can easily be re-heated for B's suppers. Also want to cook some stewing steak and kidney overnight in the slow cooker ready to later make steak and kidney pies.

The weather is very up and down. Poured with rain last night, today has begun sunny but clouds building up, so feel we will not be in for a fine day today - the weekend forecast looks as though we will have some improvement over the Bank Holiday.

As a busy weekend lies ahead of me, and - because I got up late again - will have to take my leave for today and will be back again tomorrow with 'trade news' and replies to any queries you may have sent me in the meantime. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and hope you find time to join me again tomorrow.