Friday, January 21, 2011

Slow, slow, quick quick, slow...

Am 'feeling my oats' at the moment. Must be the cold temperature - it always speeds up my metabolism. So you can guess how thrilled I was when I discovered a small recipe book published by 'Quaker Oats' in pre-decimal days. So expect to see a few more oaty recipes over the next week or so. To finish today am giving one for oat pastry - the booklet uses this several times, especially good when making flans/quiches.

Oat Pastry:
6 oz (175g) plain flour
pinch salt
2 oz (50g) porridge oats
2 oz (50g) margarine
2 oz (50g) lard
cold water to mix (approx 2 tblsp)
Sift flour and salt into a bowl and add the oats. Rub in the fats and mix to a stiff dough with cold water. Use as required.
When used for a flan, roll out the pastry, line the tin and bake blind at 200C, 400F, gas 6 for about 20 minutes.