Friday, October 22, 2010

Tightening Belts and Purses

After yesterday watching Jamie speed-cook, the voluptuous Nigella drool-cook, and Hugh double-barrel rural-cook, have decided that by now we all should be inspired enough to 'home-cook' at least one thing every day. I think it has to be Jamie who is the outright winner, for his 30 minute meals are BRILLIANT.

For supper yesterday decided to cook B one of his favourite meals: liver, bacon, white cabbage (shredded and steamed), and small potatoes. Instead of boiling the potatoes then tossing them in the bacon fat as done normally when serving liver, decided to 'do a Jamie' and crush them slightly once cooked then fry them. Also - finding a bag of unopened watercress in the fridge that Beloved had brought to go with his Cold Meat Platter (and then never used it) - plonked a good handful of that on his plate, tastefully crisscrossing it with slices of crisp bacon rashers and drizzling the bacon fat over as a 'dressing', before adding liver 'gougons', the steamed cabbage (also tossed in bacon fat), and his fried potatoes. It was a large meal - served on a small meat platter, and Beloved was most impressed "it looks very Jamie" he said, and when he came back into the living room said it had been "an absolutely wonderful meal". So a little of what I see Jamie doing is rubbing off on me -and also B who now wants me to make the giant beef sandwich that Jame demonstrated. At least I have watercress, horseradish, some fillet steak in the freezer that would do, and the other bits and bobs, so all I would need to do is make and bake a baguette. Perhaps for Sunday supper.

For dessert B had his Knickerbockerglory. Perhaps not as authentic as it should have been (forgotten how they are made it's been so long since...) but began by filling the tall glass with bits of trifle sponge, spooned over some juice from a can of Fruit Cocktail, then put some of the fruit over the sponge, followed by chopped (blackcurrant) jelly, then poured double cream over, then repeated this, until the glass was nearly full, then topped with three scoops of ice-cream - this being topped with a mound of squirty cream sprinkled with grated chocolate and flaked almonds. The topping was inches high. Surprised that he managed to find room in his stomach to eat it. But he did.