Monday, July 19, 2010

Start the Week!

This photo was taken as I dished up lunch yesterday, mainly because I wish to show how colourful a bowl of roasted vegetables can look. Having used only half of each a red/yellow/and orange bell pepper, one onion, and four small courgettes (freshly picked from the garden), these still made a good bowlful that was enough to serve up to four. Normally I would include butternut squash, a red onion, and a green bell pepper, but yesterday could only use what I had.

But more on that meal later for must first apologise for not writing yesterday as the Broadband had the collywobbles, but thanks to Steve it was back by mid-morning, but as I had already asked him to let you know I would be absent, and as it was slightly too late for me to write as we had guests coming for lunch (as it happened they arrived early), never did get a chance to sit down and have my relaxing chat with you.

vegetables to brighten up the meal. Hence the photo above.

Often when cauliflower is on my 'menu', this would be served in a cheese sauce, but as yesterday was planning to serve a creamy peppercorn sauce with the steak, was reluctant to serve two different sauces, yet was concerned that cauliflower on its own would be too bland. At one point nearly included it with the roasted veg, but decided to ring the changes slightly and serve the cauliflower folded into the peppercorn sauce.

This sauce was made from a packet (which as you know I do from time to time), in fact used only half a pack that I had saved from a previous steak meal.( When this was made it seemed too thick for the cauliflower, so poured in double cream to thin it down, this also made the sauce more creamy and less 'peppery hot'. When made the folded in the cooked cauliflower florets.

Believe me when served- everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - exclaimed how good the cauliflower tasted and how well it went with the meat. It was the sauce that was the right one for the steaks, it just happened (perhaps because of the extra cream) that it also went well with the cauliflower, so perhaps a marriage made in heaven. Next time cauliflower is served with or without beef, will use that sauce again.

Surprisingly the roasted vegetables were also enjoyed (as not everyone likes peppers and courgettes), and - as ever - so were the small home-grown potatoes.