Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Waking to a White World

Not sure what I was making yesterday (it may have been the minestrone), but was going to add an ingredient that was not essential, then decided not to, saying to myself " this could be used in another dish so better to save it". And this is what should happen when having to make the most of what we have. Use only if necessary, for many ingredients could be saved for another day.

Let us say we will be frying two large eggs. Instead of breaking both eggs into the pan, will save the white from the second and just add the yolk to the white of the first. The saved white can be turned into meringues or used in cakes and souffles, and becomes a 'necessary' ingredient that is then 'free'.
To really make the best use of what we have, this again requires a little advance planning, so that everything goes as far as possible. As with the core of the cabbage. That was able to be used in the minestrone (but as not an essential ingredient - enough in the soup anyway - so using the approach above - perhaps could and should have been saved to grate and add to carrot and onion to make coleslaw).
Unlike the old advice 'think twice and cut once', perhaps with food it should be 'think twice then use thrice'. Remember, it is what we do with what we've got, that makes all the difference when it comes to feeding the family through lean (and especially very cold) times.