Wednesday, January 21, 2009

:Buy when the Price is Right.

Whenever we read details of a meal where the ingredients are priced out, it is worth turning this into a turn a mini-challenge, and see if we can make it even cheaper. We do not need to make the meals find out if we can do it cheaper, just the working out can prove the point.

Tesco have a leaflet that shows us 6 ways we can spend less when shopping on-line. They want us to spend LESS? Maybe method in their madness.
They suggest we stick to our budget, giving us a running total as we put food in our virtual shopping basket, so we don't get a nasty shock as we might when reaching an in-store checkout.
Another suggestion is buy online as this helps us to avoid impulse buys and no problem with pester power.
Now we come to the dangling carrots: we have over 6.000 cheaper alternatives"on top selling brands, making it easy to switch and save. The cheaper alternatives being the store's own-brands. And (on checking) see that a good percentage of these offers are on non-foods.

Quite naturally, stores pull out all the stops when it comes to keeping (or gaining back) our custom, and we should take advantage of offers when they are what we need, not what they want us to think we need. It makes sense to buy six bottles of Fairy liquid when reduced in price, for these should last a full year before we need buy again. We can buy with an eye to the future, or buy according to our needs for just the forthcoming week, and always be flexible. Plan a menu by all means but only so far as "Sunday will be a roast", then choose the roast according to the best value. Have four days in the week eating meat, the remaining three can be vegetarian, but what meats, which vegetables, should depend on the best value at the time of buying. This way we should be able to spend far less than we expect.