Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicken Little and Talking Turkey

The advantage of this quiche is that once the rice has been cooked (and this can be done in a day previously and kept in the fridge), with the other ingredients also being prepared (in some cases can be 'leftovers') it is just a matter of assembly.
No need to cook - Chicken Quiche: serves 4 - 6
1 8" (20cm) pre-baked shortcrust flan case
2 oz (50g) rice
2 oz (50g) cooked peas
2 oz (50g) cooked carrots, diced
3 tsp French or oil and vinegar salad dressing
2 oz (50g) cooked chicken, minced or diced
2 tomatoes, sliced
1 hardboiled egg, sliced
Boil the rice until tender, then drain and rinse under cold water, making sure it is again well drained and shaken as dry as possible. Mix the rice with the cooked peas and carrots, add the dressing and mix well, then spread this over the base of the cooked flan case. Cover with the prepared chicken and spread a very thin layer of mayonnaise over that.
Top with overlapping and alternate slices of tomatoes and hard-boiled egg.